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Crystal lamp price cat import more crystal as domestic

Recently, zhongshan hon w. trade Co., LTD, director of sales WanWei jie too busy, be a domestic large real estate group commissioned, the he and the real estate group engineering personnel, to the national many of the city's real estate group companies in the lobby of the five-star hotel to crystalline light and other luxury crystalline light sampling, testing, because the group suspected, according to contract suppliers to provide them with "Egypt import crystal"crystal ashtray factory crystal lamp, the actual use of most is domestic crystal.

According to WanWei jie told reporters, according to schedule and completed all sampling, testing to to 9, at night, but so far, in sampling, testing of the hotel has, "Egypt import crystal" crystal lamp situation is not optimistic, most are the use of domestic crystal.

Different crystal ten times the price

A familiar with crystalline light market of the industry,crystal lotus candleholder told reporters that the contract "Egypt import crystal" crystal light is domestic crystal alternative, this in the industry and is not a secret, even is the unspoken rules. "This is a shady decision-making, because Egypt imports crystal with domestic crystal price may be up to five or six times, some enterprise in order to pursue the high profits, ignoring the contract provisions, shall be put on the import of Egypt the crystalline light of crystal, all change into domestic crystal, seek profits."

According to reporter understanding, the current domestic production of crystalline light mostly in guangdong zhongshan and enterprise dongguan, the current domestic sales crystal lamp USES mostly crystal is domestic leaded crystal lamp, the so-called import crystal only a few brands will use, the price is very high. Introduce according to the personage inside course, in import crystal, Austria, the best, the second is Egypt crystal.

"A top crystal ball,crystal gift decoration is about RMB 100 yuan or so, a Egypt about 15 yuan crystal ball, crystal the best general made a 3 yuan, a little time may be more cheap." The industry will he is familiar with the overall over reporters, "top crystal ball general few enterprise use, if used to sign the contract, if everybody import crystal general is a choice, because the relative price of Egypt crystal moderate, more suitable for some upscale places of use".

This personage introduction, generally speaking,crystal model truck a domestic of crystalline light pendants and a import of crystalline light pendants carries on the comparison, will find import the significantly higher than domestic transparency crystal crystal. The cut surface of the import crystal of level off, not coarse, smooth, almost no any impurity, made of crystal will I see to bubbles or impurity. Quality are different, the price is the same. On the market at present the price of crystal lamps are relatively high, about a meter in diameter of domestic crystal lamps prices in the 3000-5000 yuan between, import prices crystal lamps in 5000-15000 yuan between.

Well-known enterprise involved in it

It is for import crystal lamps and domestic crystal lamps of price difference between huge, let part of crystalline light production enterprise desperate, the shoddy.

The company insists, director of sales WanWei jie told reporters, general hotels especially five-star hotels will be in the lobby, the President suite will install more high-grade import crystal lamp, the hotel will look glamorous.

"Generally speaking, the hotel with crystalline light suppliers will sign the supply contract, the terms of the contract will also indicate the use of imported crystal or domestic crystal, if is to use import crystal and if indicate whether for Egypt crystal." WanWei jie says, was according to the contract, if indicate is Egypt crystal, then that crystalline light should provide for the customer supplier real Egypt crystal, but because Egypt crystal with domestic crystal spreads nearly 10 times, and at present domestic to crystal is imported or domestic detection there are some difficulties, a lot of crystalline light enterprise supply the secretly all use the domestic crystal, the real ones, shoddy.


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