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Lamps business sigh crystalline light market difficult do manufacturer rob single stock annoyed

Thin profit, if manufacturers not pleasant, china crystal ball it's harder to do. Now crystal lamp brand too much, market competition becomes increasingly fierce, in order to preemptive market share, companies have to lower the price rob customers, so that the operation profit is going down. Crystalline light known as "the king of lights" the laudatory name, in recent years, with all sorts of adornment lighting fixtures constantly, especially low-pressure lamp, contracted style the rise of lanterns, crystalline light gradually less popular, some brand even fading away from the line of sight of people.

Than in previous years, the total increase in market demand, but profits down a lot. At present business and manufacturer of cooperation in trade is given priority to, the agency system is very rare. Customers usually entrusted project bidding center or designated packaging company the door purchase, because these units more judges. There are some customers to order his door, go out the merchants of order is still very little. Facing the following four conditions,crystal craft company the businessman is not only distress and helpless:

Support is not enough

Manufacturer just accept money, money is a go out, the rest of the seem to be all the dealers. Some large projects to be get to assist factory to just go, if the manufacturer cooperate well, crystal animal supplier the effect can be imagined. Usually, crystal lamp factory worker of the assignment has little, the businessman in market and is often working, run its course.
In recent years, as people living standard rise ceaselessly, the service industry constantly upgrading the country star hotels, luxury hotel, high-grade residential springing up all over, for the crystalline light brings huge market opportunities, crystalline light production enterprise and business of crystalline light and merchants have multiplied. This year, however, national macroeconomic policies, many plans of real estate project abortion, with concise and easy commercial lighting products already gradually replace luxurious crystal lamp, become the guesthouse, the hotel, and each big market illumination bestow favor on newly, crystalline light market situation seems to become increasingly serious.

Manufacturer rob single

Changzhou market although management of crystalline light many businesses, but few of the home in, a single brand stores is even less. When is to look at the most businesses replenish onr design, a take a little, so manufacturers is common regional protection consciousness difference, the typical "have milk is niang", which place all want to send, dare to hair. The goods to market of lamps can, even if it is a large, not how batch move,crystal pyramids every now and then sold for a two. The secondary market dealers do well point directly to the guangdong stock. Many engineering customers may also directly make telephone calls to factory, once the manufacturer not protection, and merchants rob single, wholesalers is not the dominant, this is not fair to wholesalers. So it can't invest big businesses.

Inventory difficult

Traditionally, factory orders received again production, unless the sample and bring it to light you, general no inventory, manufacturer delivery time very slowly. ChenFuZhong said, specialized management of high-grade crystalline light relative market town, the distributor is much more difficult to wholesalers must have ccrystal wine stopper manufacturer ertain financial strength, have certain inventories, because all kinds of engineering order, is to look at a sample the ordering.

Huge risk

XieDaZhong special emphasis on, do a certain crystalline light risk, because a larger manufacturers are usually not paid, stock to cash. Once not be sold, return go to worthless, manufacturer natural dare not paid. Unless the quality to have a problem, it is generally not return, the businessman is bad will lose money.

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