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« Combined with the yacht resources open new hotel selling point Lamps business sigh crystalline light market difficult do manufacturer rob single stock annoyed »

Most cow current car body stick full swarovski crystal

Millions of swarovski crystal mini Cooper car

Now before you is a car enchasing 1 million swarovski crystal mini Cooper, the crystalline 40 kinds of different colour, 10 representing the United States characteristics of the flowery design,crystal ship model including the star-spangled banner, the eagle, statue of liberty, the President, the White House, congress, the statue mansion, the space shuttle, the Hollywood sign, the Washington Monument and the Chrysler building,crystal cooperate trophy so the work's name is called "the United States sign".

This work from Ontario, Canada by the artist Ken and AnnieBurkitt together to achieve, 1 million single crystal all by hand a a mini Cooper to set in the vehicle body.crystal customized trophy The priceless car will become London Piccadilly Circus auspicious to Plymouth letter not letter you by your museum (Ripley 'sBelieveItorNotMuseum) of the collection.

Russian company is one of the Shampa Moscow show his low profile modification audi A5, with the ordinary person talk about engine, tires modified, XXX is different,crystal truck model this time they modified theme is gorgeous. Use 450000 single swarovski crystal will the whole car wrapped in the shell. Including tire side, and so on, is no you wouldn't think, crystal award cup only money to hit not over ah.

It is said that the things they spent 1440 hours in production and into, and intends to Russia to sell at a price of 6 million rupees, don't know which rich merchants will buy the past.crystal business gift (used to marry him?!)

Set with 380000 crystal diamond's Cadillac CTS-Coupe

Whole body all embedded full diamond's Cadillac CTS-Coupe,crystal medal whole car shine, the brilliant eyepopping. crystal model truck This one diamond current car presents the design like the cut of the diamond style, with sharp line, fashionable avant-courier appearance and relentless dynamic system, early stage in concept car has become a top fashion city countless pioneers chasing target.

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