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"Martial arts" premiere Tang Wei Li Takeshi Kaneshiro and other red carpet dress

     Movie "martial arts" in Beijing June 28 premiere. Big red carpet premiere of the star-studded, crystal trophy addition to carrying director Peter Chan starring Takeshi Kaneshiro, Donnie Yen, Tang Wei collective appearance outside, Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Li, Lu Lu and Xia Yu Yuan Quan and his wife of more than 40 stars are dressed to come to join. crystal gifts Then look at the stars on the red carpet dress.

    crystal laser Tom the only rendering the passage of bohemian dress appearance, flowing skirt, graceful, accompanied by a large ornate accessories and romantic long curls, distribute endless charming style.

    Derek Chan and Tang Wei couple together into the red carpet, Sandra a low-cut black evening dress with black high heels,crystal products generous and elegant,china crystal Peter Chan's black suit with jeans, shoes, slightly casual.
    Li Xiaoran wearing a tan dress, temperament quite well, revealing a charming design of shoulder clavicle, crystal box a small exposed sexy.
   Martial arts "crew collective appearance, Kara Hui wearing a blue low-cut dress, dazzling elegance, exquisite crystal mosaic add extravagance. Takeshi Kaneshiro in a black suit appeared, low-key but difficult to cover up the charm. Donnie Yen is also another couple dressed appearance.
       Li Yuchun, a white shirt with a plaid design sense of harem pants, tan waist belt to create a perfect outline the proportion of personality coupled with a pair of small shoes, tidal flavor.

  This high-round body graceful white dress, delicate outline waist while a wide belt to add fashion sense, quiet elegance, but also sweet and pleasant.

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