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Combined with the yacht resources open new hotel selling point

The high that stone, haikou XinBu Howard Johnson resort island general manager. The high that stone is a has more than 30 years of experience in hotel management professional managers, crystal gift clock he worked in dubai, Canada and China's Beijing and Shanghai to the intercontinental group, Hilton group, the group hotel lmperial moon cake took office, has the rich hotel management experience. crystal gift decoration Before this, he's in Shanghai eton hotel as a general manager. Haikou XinBu Howard Johnson resort island to try and be at the industry in 2011 China (haikou) yacht and the second economic BBS of hainan international yacht exhibition, Chinese and foreign guests and the reception of nearly 400 people, be the focus. crystal car model Opening the beginning of exhibition to undertake large scale, it is no doubt for hotels comprehensive strength for a test. Interview with reporters that stone high.

How long have you in the hotel industry?

More than 30 years, have been engaged in the hotel industry.

In what country you work in the past?

I have been at the yi in dubai and the United States California, crystal diamond keychain stepped in vancouver, Canada working years in China, Shanghai, suzhou, also worked nearly eight years.

You worked at which brands of the hotel work?

I played for the intercontinental, Hilton, hyatt, LED crystal keychain holidays, radisson hotels international brand.

How long have you to haikou?

More than six months.

Your first impression with haikou?

This is the first time I came to haikou, in some respects, reminds me of the Philippines and Singapore. Haikou has advantaged tropical coastal natural landscape, excellent air quality, very suitable for vacation and leisure. Haikou is also called "YeCheng", the palm trees can be seen everywhere letting a person feel romantic holiday atmosphere. crystal ship model Haikou is very suitable for live for a long time, winter pleasant climate, many outsiders to buy a house in haikou settled or for investment.

How do you see the haikou hotel market development opportunity?

I with haikou hotel market development very optimistic, 35 years you will see an unprecedented momentum of development. 10 years ago only several localization of haikou five-star hotel, 6 years ago in haikou the first international brand of five-star hotel, but still can't meet the high-end leisure is divided and high-end meeting the increasing demand of the market. Haikou is in need of greater international hotel brand to join, regional and scale formation of service advantage, the international hotel is outstanding service concept transfer to haikou, so that will be very helpful for the whole of the ascension haikou hotel service levels and attract more tourists, the market this big cake together even more, go to share the joy of success. The government is also committed to build hainan island of international tourism image of the brand of haikou tourism resources to a strong policy support, such as the owner of the company in our local government policy support supply XinBu island development, sets tourism vacation, entertainment and business as one of the new district, become the haikou city binhai type garden.

The hotel for business guests service in what are some special?

We hope that as treat our family who take care of every guest, to create comfortable guest rooms and memorable experience. For business guests, they hope to get quick, convenient and and efficient service. We are the latest haikou international five star hotel, a stylish modern facilities. A restaurant by our German chef take care, provide guests with delicate and fresh food. Chinese restaurant and Japanese restaurant is equipped with elegant adornment beautiful luxury box, is an ideal place for members of the diners. The hotel is elegant shi lai red wine cigar and yue zai teahouse, elegant decoration, cheerful music, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, is a good place for business talks.

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