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« Drinks "rise" ring Combined with the yacht resources open new hotel selling point »

2012 annual meeting of creative gifts PK through on the department of apple

Across New Year, YingChunJie, an office worker care about most in addition to the annual bonus, is the annual convention, in order to increase the feelings among employees and enterprise cohesion, every large company, enterprise or business the unit is the planning of the annual meeting of the respective spare no effort,crystal souvenirs and the performing arts company, clothing lease, gift company, dance training institutions also grasp opportunity to become annual meeting of the economic benefit.

Annual meeting on emotional communication. Recently, crystal bottle stopper the editor found more road visit this year, all enterprises and institutions of the Spring Festival gala more and more "tide" "through", "was so",crystal pyramids "apple is", "Korea makeup"............. The annual meeting of the consumers is taking a more open, innovation, and the attitude of the emotion through year-end party.

The annual convention, is every enterprise of each year to anchor dramas. And the annual meeting of the prize, gift, it is to become increase between feelings of the employees, customers an unexpected surprise.

Small to a dragon auspicious doll, crystal horses life household products, a cell phone, a computer, or even a car...... Covers almost in the life of the most sought-after commodities. According to not complete count, the national annual convention consumption is growing by about 20% a year.

Ms xie a logistics company public relations manager. Every yearcrystal gift baby , she will for company boss, employees, customers find close the annual meeting of the gift.

crystal gift clock "Pick convention gift more and more difficult. First of all, everyone have to some, not too expensive but have to have new idea. Secondly, give to the client, be sure to bargain. For the boss, is to throw the them." This is ms xie summarized a set of "the gift".

In addition to "the gift" theoretical foundation, and have a BaoDaTianXia, ms had proven "sure-fire strategy of".

Custom gift: unique blessing

The first lady had a magic weapon is "custom". She said, with annual gifts, is to make everyone feel valued, but funding is limited. So, ordering the most effective.

Last year, in the company of her for all female employees, ordering a the most close to the life of the cup. Koubei of all the staff around photos and individual character signature, man is ordered have their own and girl friend's photograph of a business card box and key. Although, this is all some gifts, but everyone gets, are very surprise. So far, a lot of people are fondle admiringly, every time go out with this kind of special card case.

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