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Drinks "rise" ring

Beverage market "every quarter will rise", crystal wine stopper manufacturer the distance from the Spring Festival is less than half a month, the reporter learns yesterday, liquor market maotai, wu liang ye first brand prices continue to rise, drunkard wine, FengGu and second line brand also successively follow up, ZhangYu, dynasty is cast in wine such as price 20% before the Spring Festival.

53 degrees flying maotai binds a sale

Near the Spring Festival, maotai, wu liang ye first liquor prices,china crystal gift and craft particularly evident, from wuhan reporters yesterday that part of the supermarket, 53 degrees flying maotai retail price has gone up to 1999 yuan/bottle, also sell dry white bottle, 52 degrees crystal boxed wu liang ye retail price exceeded RMB 1100.

"Despite the obvious binds a sale, but there's a customer come straight to buy roll call, including 53 degrees flying maotai buyers are mostly as gifts."  estimate, the price or may rise,crystal table clock the retail price is expected to top 2600 yuan/bottle breakthrough.

According to wu country agriculture technology ressearch institute.liu  shop selling consulting, says maotai source less, a store at present only 24 bottles of quota, if the amount is large,crystal square ashtray but also from the other store the goods, also don't know can be transferred to supply.

According to information, crystal hanging decoration relative price lower 38 degrees flying maotai and 38 degrees five-star maotai price is 729 yuan and 739 yuan respectively, these two section belong to sell better.

The local liquor don't raise prices also sales promotion

On January 1, FengGu wine all series product prices about 10%, drunkard wine series product rate of price increases at about 20%.

Face the drunkard wine second line brand price hikes,crystal hanging ornament rice fragrant flowers, such as ZhiJiang hubei local liquor, still keep the original price, and increase the sales promotion efforts.

According to the personage inside course ofcrystal lotus candleholder study says, drunkard wine, FengGu in wuhan market sight tapes, to little impact on the market price. And local wine occupy larger share, for robbing season market, not easily raised the price.

Wuhan a store 导购员 says, last year ZhiJiang liquor has raised by 5% to 10%, but the price of upscale product basically no change. The price of the yellow crane tower or the original basic price,crystal candle stand only small bottles of paper packaging yellow crane tower rose to 0.5 yuan.

Before the wine consumption into small peak

Reporters in the market yesterday to understand, the Great Wall and the price of ZhangYu larger changes in the last year or so before December, New Year's day average rate of 20%.crystal plane model Although other brand price relative stability, but in red wine sales season, the change of consumption idea, and the Spring Festival is near the factors such as the trend of prices also have. crystal building model According to a foreign wine director of wuhan supermarket, said the Spring Festival season, compared with usual, wine sales growth two or three times each day.

The personage inside course of study says, crystal souvenirs wine group buying unit is more,crystal pen set from today on this week, should be the peak of bulk wine before the Spring Festival.

Red wine shop. Our correspondent TianZhenLong perturbation

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