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Brand agency become lighting lighting the mainstream of marketing way

Lighting industry at present main used four channel mode: brand agency model, retail mode, engineering model and the network marketing mode. The products category is different, in different stages of development, the enterprise the channel mode are also different.

Brand agency mode: still is the mainstream

Without a doubt, even in "channels, china crystal ball terminal for winning the king" today, brand agency model is still the most common is lighting industry, the most common channel mode. The so-called brand agent is to point to, manufacturer of the goods by the agents of the levels, after the course use to sell to the final consumer. The ownership of the goods still belongs to the manufacturer, agents in the agency business, solicit customer representative manufacturer, solicit orders, sign a contract, crystal ball company and from buying low and selling high profits in the price.

In the brand agent model there before lighting industry is in a bulk cargo business state. Manufacturers and merchants between is a simple relationship between buying and selling, basically do not have what after-sale service. crystal gifts manufacturer Due to shifting between the purchase cost manufacturers all over too high,crystal pendant china when wholesale chamber of commerce of several manufacturers as far as possible a few fixed purchase. At the same time as the industry's development and increasing competition, manufacturers start screening high quality merchants, managed to stable quality merchants,diamond supplier promote the purchase frequency and quantity businessman. So, began to many of the items production, have to accept credit conditions, after exchange rate, etc. So, this time the wholesalers and manufacturer is relatively stable relationship,crystal gift supplier though just business relationship, but cooperation have certain of continuity and mutual cooperation.

And then, with the further development of the lighting industry, on the one hand, manufacturer of the product and the design to enrich gradually, almost exclusive can meet the demand of wholesalers; On the other hand, the agent asked regional protection. So, lighting industry brand agent model comes into being. Brand agency model,crystal perfume bottle supplier with one image and a certain brand appeal power, the businessman also don't bother to look for supply. Manufacturer for businesses to provide certain training and business management support,crystal craft company but the manufacturers and merchants a strict system requirements, such as image display, shop goods, settlement, etc.

In the 2000 years later, the brand stores mode gradually arisen. Stores have good brand image display, the product category and the style more, the price is relatively stable, be helpful for manufacturer brand build and gets timely terminal sales information. These unique advantages to factories are to strengthen the lamp store construction. At present, however, because a lot of manufacturers to real brand monopoly model understand not in the position, product lines thin,crystal craft factory lack of professional sales and service team and so on various reasons, lighting enterprise shops mode are still weak, profitability hang sheep head sell vinegar etc. Phenomenon, store model in lighting industry performance is not temperature is not fire.

Retail mode: first emerged

In 2008, Richard in its brightest Ming Shanghai new LiuYing lighting square set up the first February. When enterprise development to a certain extent, the brand is transformed into the inevitable demand of the enterprise. However, in the process of cooperation and the dealer, more or less will produce certain friction on cooperation. crystal animal supplier Sometimes because different ideas, different interests, crystal ashtray factory and also to the development of each other to make some obstacles. Manufacturer devoted can get rid of the open dealers control, reduce the loss of profit among.

First of all, increasing competition drive up terminal operation cost, retail channels can be reduced circulation costs so as to ensure that a terminal of the cost advantage; Second, crystal wine stopper china the retail channel can be abstracted success profit model to national replication promotion; Again, retail channels get rid of the middle distributors of estrangement, brands to control of their own terminals, more flexible autonomy is strong, make terminal operation more hasten is fine, the market operation more planning, planning and systematic; Finally, our marketing channel is more advantageous to the brand management and maintenance, which is beneficial to the development of the brand effect.

However, devoted to the manufacturer, the management requirements of the capital requirements are dramatically increase, it needs the support of the enterprise background, team construction, safety stock, sales and distributors in the downstream of the monitoring management set up a complete system. Among them, remote management is the biggest problems facing the February. In "days of high emperor is far" condition, enterprises can not well integrated in February, financial, material, management is difficult. At the same time, open early February put too much, cost is very big, though can be get agents of profit, but in the big cost input premise relative rate of return is reduced. In contrast, the agency model more save worry except effortless.

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