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China crystal soft power and the world brand gap greatly

Jiangsu lianyungang city DongHaiXian natural crystal sales accounted for 90%, and is called the "world crystals". However, the east China sea represent China crystal and world brand "crystal ship model swarovski" in sales and the brand on the approval, but very far gap. By multiple factors, our country enterprise hard to do bigger and stronger crystal, related "soft power" crystal cooperate trophy is supporting the construction of ascension.

Natural crystal difficult enemy made crystal

The international luxury brand swarovski take high quality, exquisite generic crystal is well known in the world, the group in 2007, the turnover is already up to 1.6 billion euros. crystal customized trophy Man-made crystal in the international stage leading modern fashion, make "crystal" China in the east China sea feel embarrassed. The east China sea 20 years ago began as a crystal handicraft of developmentcrystal award cup , although fast development, the annual turnover broke through 7 billion yuan, but the enterprise scale still small scattered to give priority to.

Last year a delegation of swarovski investigation to Austria in the east China sea county wei secretary GuanYongJian said, "swarovski because of the complexity of the production and the cutting technology and make its value does not poor, it always through its product to engraft to people with a kind of delicate culture, crystal business gift it is also a kind of cultural symbol."

Founded in 1895 swarovski company, with tens of thousands of employees, and its products popular all over the world, every year for fashion, jewelry and crystalline light industries to provide crystal medal a lot of quality imitation of the crystal.

Man-made crystal in the international stage leading modern fashion, make "crystal" embarrassed in the east China sea. Crystal is in the special geological movement and water and fire in the blending of the inoculation and into the gem. DongHaiXian crystal reserves more than 300000 tons, purity of more than 99.99%, reserves and grade are rankscrystal model truck the first in China.

The east China sea ShuiJingCheng is the largest crystal trading places, general manager ZhouZhenLing told the economic reference newspaper "the author, east China sea before industrial production primarily in crystal, 20 years ago to start as a handicraft of development, the east China sea crystal industry development though soon,crystal truck model the annual turnover broke through 7 billion yuan, but the enterprise scale still small scattered to give priority to, compared with swarovski, though we crystal power, but not crystal power.

According to statistics, at present the east China sea has more than 2000 crystal processing enterprise, forming a production capacity of 20 million pieces of crystal ornaments, 5 million a crystal handicraft production scale, there are 200000 people working team, there are 6000 people overseas procurement army in Madagascar, Brazil about for years, Pakistan and other countries of origin of the crystal, the east China sea as the world natural crystal product distribution center.

Natural crystal bigger and stronger resistance is heavy

Natural crystal industry to become bigger and stronger, and enterprise it must pay more efforts, improve the added value of products. But, the brand weak and small scale expansion, the difficult, financing, talents short of factors that restrict the crystal the development of the enterprise.

"The natural crystal of swarovski sell your, the key lies in its technology, creative design and modern marketing. Its synthesis technology is original, have patent; it has the world first-class creative design team, cut wear process the unique and beautiful, general factory elusive; it marketing feelers into all over the world, with high added value." ZhouZhenLing will natural crystal with swarovski compare, crystal industry and many of the east China sea that way to go.

The author in the east China sea ShuiJingCheng turn a circle, gathered here home to more than 2000 TanDian crystal, but most of the sales of the homogeneity is crystal products, some jewelry, handicraft trace, price marking from hundreds to thousands of differ, because more widely shop goods, consumer "tao jing" can bold cut price.

ShuiJingCheng also have high-quality goods, but the added value of the need to improve enterprise put more effort to "stone to transport the good" crystal is famous brand in jiangsu province, the chairman of the company ZhuJingJiang marketer in the crystal industry 20 years, and the development of the industry resistance have experience greatly, he said, the crystal enterprise to a certain scale it breakthrough, it will grow up to the pillar industry, the soft environment change is outside.

Restrict crystal enterprise bigger and stronger is the main factors of a weak brand. As a new industry, natural crystal in the handicraft, the share of the jewelry industry is more and more big, the taste is more and more high, but less brand, market approval is not high.

2 it is small. Industry cluster not achieve scale effect, the east China sea now dispersed into four sales center, the competition is homogeneity, limited resources not form an effective integration.

Three is to expand produces. Government to have basic crystal enterprise not enough attention. ZhuJingJiang tells the author, crystal enterprise to the local G D P contribution is not big, their enterprise want to fight for land to expand production, application have become frustrated. The local government of the value is short and quick project.

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