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Yiwu international trade city play do global foreign characteristic high-quality goods

Brazilian businessman Antonira off the plane, took one straight to the located in the middle of zhejiang province yiwu international trade city, practised came into the ornaments area. crystal gift clock And when you first 12 years ago now than yiwu done more fine jewelry, offer more favorable also.

Antonira yiwu commodity is to sell to Russia, the United States. As a result of these two countries some limits on imports, import is the best choice Antonira hair. In jewelry area, Antonira have discovered a new, this time she picked up a few groups set with pearl, flowers hair acted the role of, and then taking pictures record,crystal gift decoration to leave store card.

"The first time I came to yiwu is a winter, trade the city without heating the cold. I doubt it will give my product supplier does have a little bad." Now, however, 2, 3 months to yiwu a Antonira so often think of with very worth it, because: "trade city become, nice and big, adorn article do more careful, crystal car model offer more favorable."

Turkish businessmen in China guangdong Murat cities around for a few years later, the end of stock or lock the yiwu foothold.

Yiwu international trade city the prices of the goods cheaper is the main reason for the first attract Murat, but do a few years in the business, he has not satisfied goods of style, crystal diamond keychain "trendy fashion goods to get high profits."

Foreigners in the trade city is not difficult to findLED crystal keychain the Chinese have the goods do subdivision, also achieved perfection.

In the gift area, there is monopoly Santa Claus merchants. Walked into the 10 square shops, with thousands of different modelling, different sizes of Santa Claus. A blow Musical Instruments, juggle,crystal ship model climb the chimney of Santa Claus, also have standing type, hanging Christmas to the old man, also have dressed in Russia style, Chinese wind dress of Santa Claus, like global Santa's big party.

"The Chinese trade really well." Brazilian businessman Antonira said.

The author to notice, in addition to Chinese goods will be sold all over the world, and the world's commodity also gradually in yiwu business city of import GuanOu gathered themselves together.

In GuanOu of goods within Africa exhibition center, from Senegal's Oniar invitation to store the experience African culture trip. Oniar took out a local characteristics of manual goods tells the author, it is special brought from Africa, also is the best selling.

Oniar revealed that many foreign businessmen came to China to do business, bring the local culture, and take root in China. "My sister came to yiwu has seven years, children have been in China now. She read the textile sell to Africa yiwu, we there very like Chinese goods."

At present, the library collection has imported goods from Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, 55 countries and regions of the world more than 30000 kinds of special goods, Brazil crystal, Africa ebony, Spanish olive oil, Italian brand clothing, Japan ceramics, Indonesia handicraft, in yiwu can catch them all global foreign characteristic high-quality goods.

China yiwu international trade city is one of the biggest commodity export base, goods exported to over 215 countries and regions, there are 89 countries 3008 enterprises set up representative office, "buy goods sell goods, global global" pattern preliminary form.

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