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According to the indoor lighting in LED application status and future

The further development of LED, the trend is very good, but to the existing problem of improvement. For instance in supermarkets and stores in lighting, be about to consider color rendering,crystal souvenirs meet the commodity lighting needs. LED indoor illumination also related to safety and sensitivity, it doesn't look like outdoor lighting, outdoor people in contact with the light in a relatively short time. In indoor lighting, people want to long and light contact. You could meet the people feel sex, we also need to make long test of time.

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Let yuan will think that the indoor illume is different from the lighting at night, emphasized the lighting function; Relative road lighting said, is a broader space, the use of different places,crystal pyramids different function, the size of the different places, different adornment beautiful requirements, decided to indoor lighting lamps and lanterns variety, with different types of light, crystal horses the current hundreds or thousands of enterprise to hold the street lamp situation, should widen the vision, change thinking, walked into the wider world indoor.

At present, the following places appropriate application or trial LED lamps and lanterns:

(1) residential or similar places of the stairwells, crystal gift baby aisle energy saving from extinguish switch installed the lamp, is used in nearly all incandescent lamp, the most suitable use LED instead of, energy saving effect is good, although only a small "light", but the quantity is big, the national estimates that she had teams, the energy-saving benefit is considerablecrystal gift clock , the enterprise economic benefit is remarkable.

(2) evacuation lights, and evacuation symbol lamp, and other symbol lamp, also some spare lights (when normal lighting using HID lamp), appropriate use LED.

(3) use LED instead of PAR38 (use of reflective incandescent lamp) the five types of light, it is very appropriate; Further research MR16, instead of MR25 (with halogen lamp) kind of shoot the light; These shall require higher show color LED index (Ra) and has the warm color table (< 3300 K).

(4) applies in the market as the focus lighting shoot the light, bo exhibition hall of the kind of architecture shoot the light, and public buildings the tube, shoot the light, etc.

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