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« Lele tao mall new products on the market early spring sales promotion to surprise According to the indoor lighting in LED application status and future »

Lamps to build brand stores devoted the seven major strategy

High strength international port of lamps and all done "devoted brand the transition of formalities, retail stores mode has for lighting lighting industry will inject new vitality. crystal ashtray factory Innovation mode of exploration and try to also unceasingly in the refresh. In fact, "retail mode" is not new, but "direct marketing base" appear or drew the attention of many.

From October 2010 to March 2011, just five months, crystal wine stopper china high strength international port of lamps and all done "devoted brand the transition of formalities, retail stores mode has for lighting lighting industry will inject new vitality. Innovation mode of exploration and try to also unceasingly in the refresh. In fact, "retail mode" is not new, but "direct marketing base"crystal wine stopper manufacturer ; appear or drew the attention of many.

China lamp (Beijing) direct marketing base jump out of the traditional lighting store circle, innovation type retail model leading the industry development. So the operation mode is what kind of? china crystal gift and craft It will give industry has brought what kind of thinking?

As is known to all, retail mode is no middlemen link, crystal table clock and provide customers with the greatest benefits, so, more thorough popular feeling. Especially when traditional sales model can't satisfy consumer demand, the face of consumer marketing mode to have the larger development space. The personage inside course of study expresses, retail mode or will be lighting store development of highway.crystal square ashtray In 2004, the first domestic import BDS business model of beauty chain stores more than light lamp come out, the more light lamp ACTS the original BDS manufacturer retail mode, main characteristic is by manufacturer sells directly to provide source; In September 2010, Hong Kong leadership for the lamps and lanterns again, will "crystal hanging decoration brand stores" successful transformation for "brand manufacturer devoted" mentioned the idea of agenda.

But now the lights are China (Beijing) direct marketing base is more reflect industrial base area brands, and excellent brand enterprise is one of the fusion. The guzheng town, zhongshancrystal hanging ornament city youth chamber of commerce President of eagle huang lighting Co., LTD is the chairman LiJieBiao active participant in the program, he said in Beijing investment promotion meeting: crystal lotus candleholder the base of the market positioning lighting manufacturing enterprise sets up by or authorized dealers in China lamp (Beijing) direct marketing base set up a "XX devoted brand". Can see,crystal candle stand direct sales model base established a new type of manufacturer relations, its operation for: lights brand manufacturers and sell goods directly to be responsible for their own brand inside lamp retail terminal sales, realized the absolute control for terminal, and manufacturers with consumer directly contact, and grasp the dynamic and sales market demand first-hand information.

The following is from investment promotion,crystal plane model image, promotion, display, pricing, etc of direct selling seven base reading:

Investment promotion: gathering lights brand enterprise

Relying on local industry cluster advantage to the manufacturer of a "direct marketing base" concept definition of the market, to direct way of expanding cluster town lamp ACTS the role of brand influence, improve market share, given the lamp of the ancient town as upstream production enterprise in Beijing Ann a home.crystal building model Joint lighting manufacturing enterprise ancient town, and obtain industry association, the support of the chamber of commerce, through the authorized business is one of the business model maintain brand image and promote industry development.

Image: create "trustworthiness first"

Merchants in lighting manufacturing enterprise must be approved by a licensed and signed with mall "honesty declaration". Foreign businessmen are in "XX lighting brand Beijing crystal pen set devoted" form. A prominent position in the store set up image wall, fair show the lamp of production enterprise credit devoted and moves into the businessman "honest declaration",crystal souvenirs etc. Can be a reference for gave nameboards impression of the hand form, at the same time, image display in the leadership of the enterprises will industry association, the chamber of commerce position reflected.

Promotion: and the mainstream power alliance

Industry and the mainstream media-XingBang industry, "the pillow" electronic commercial platform depth cooperation, devoted to all provide free shop in one to two years, implement online offline linkage, expand the sales market. Implement industry alliance: around the related industries, such as real estate companies, domestic outfit company, architecture design, hotel management company, international buyers, linkage or cooperation, multi-channel cross-industry resource integration. Creating lighting "design award museum," in new product release, display and other activities, and invited the famous lighting design in the company.

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