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Market watch: different occasions how to choice the gift

The meeting is in meeting the relevant units gift occasions with each other in order to strengthen the relationship between business and exchange presented to each other's memorial gifts. crystal ship model Generally the unit name and with mark. So in the hold their annual meeting, how should choose convention gifts? First make a gift should be roughly the classification, now small make up and you go to understand the different types of gifts?

1, souvenirs

Main have different shapes of imitated crystal products,crystal cooperate trophy cartoon figures, woodcarving, process furnishing articles, elegant model, decorations and so on the different products. Apply to enterprises conference, large open rally sexual activity ordinary news media reporter,crystal customized trophy ordinary guests, individual answer or winners of the general audience.

2, office supplies

Main series of high-grade products: such as business bag, computer bag, leather card holder, tie, wallets, belts, exquisite pen etc. Also can be customized to the U disk, elegant entertainment player,crystal award cup digital camera, laptop computer, etc. These products office use sex is very strong, very beneficial to the recipient in in the future work and life of repeated use, its biggest advantage is that much more rate and repeated use sex high, memory is strong. Apply to high-end VIP parties, high-end business meeting BBS minority meeting VIP, crystal business gift etc.

3 and leisure products

The main international travel, the movie is fishing gear, elegant, elegant package for the ZiShaTao, leisure beach chair, sports equipment combination bag (badminton racquet, tennis racket,crystal medal table tennis shoot, too great, etc.). Apply to specifications of the on the high side, leisure and entertainment on holiday occasions seminars, salon will be held, pen, etc.

4, sponsorship items

Mainly high-grade red wine, white wine, gift smoke, tea,crystal model truck tea and other high-end products, and furnishing articles, leather suitcase, jun porcelains shirt, health care pillow, leisurewear and down products and so on, from the above product form to see, typically not direct purchasing gifts organizers, often are sponsors offer, again by the organizers donates it guest and audiencecrystal truck model . Apply to the meeting, big, miscellaneous high specifications of large commercial meeting BBS, the number is more, the major gifts given core VIP and certain people.

5, draw items

Major with a digital camera, laptop computers, mobile phone, wireless high-grade optical mouse, automotive GPRS, MP3, MP4 and so on digital electronic goods, these are usually organizers, in order to thank the dealer or customer give to a brazenly "bribe" behavior, the organizers often can use camera obscura intentionally or unintentionally behavior, place the gift timely "award" to the right people, so as to active the atmosphere, to thank the client for his purpose. Used in large cocktail party, dealers will be, customer DaXieHui, enterprise annual festival, organizers have special contribution to the special groups.

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