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Syria Asia clothing: fashionable and affordable quality assurance

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    Current Case: Asia Garment Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Syria

    Suppliers comments: HC buyers have an accurate service Buy, buyers who will push the information to my busicrystal trophy ness center will be able to receive hair hair reminds me, in order to promptly contact the buyer, I have to ensure Hair Online. We do not care about the size of the order, the individual can do business! Hope that through our efforts to have better operating efficiency!

  Company Profile:crystal gifts Syria Asia Garment Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, is a production, processing, distribution and wholesale limited liability company, is a registered by the relevant state departments of enterprises, companies with a strong, reasonable prices,crystal laser excellent service and a number enterprises to establish a long-term relationship, the plant has its own 1997, the company introduced first-class equipment, crystal products Jobs foster the development of a number of talents to create high-quality brand laid a solid foundation for .2005 of the total 9000 square after the success of new plant construction expand the scale of exports to boost production to 600 million, china crystal the joint venture was awarded the title of Top Ten Dongguan company offers seasonal clothing for a national wholesale. on behalf of the processing. Main sweaters, T-shirts, knitwear, children's clothing, fashion, Korea board. seasonal clothing for many years to keep stock more than 1 million, is China and the world's most prestigious supplier of hybrid models the right price,crystal box in a variety of online sales market. customers based on their level of local consumption and clothing habits, as well as the way you choose to sell price. Price set at 5-7 per summer, autumn and winter the price of 7-9 yuan, has its own packaging tag. Of course the quality will be different not the same price, the price difference is mainly from the fabrics 'work' on the difference between style and we mainly sell hybrid models. 200 from the grant can be mixed with the batch number of price, because the miscellaneous section of styles, colors, sizes there are a number of fabrics, prices are relatively favorable, for a wide range of guests. The feedback from many customers look at the summer and 5-7 yuan 7-9 yuan sweater is selling the fastest, because the higher cost of these price is good quality, the new customers can mix together multiple price approved to 200, more than one price can be a reference for the future lay the foundation for long-term orders. Different price fall will be packed separately to the main fabric: stretch cotton, wool, rabbit hair, day Rousha, cotton, Panax wool, raw sand, centipede hair, fake fur, mercerized cotton, etc., mainly in three spring and summer fabrics seven hair, fake fur, beads song material, light silk, wool yarn, metallic yarn, cotton, raw sand, cotton yarn, crystal yarn, matte silk, ribbon, silk cotton and other mainly due to the cost of an item of clothing certainly do not come to a few dollars, so we plant in the online publication of the mixed batch of price is the price Potter, Potter clothing is characterized by a certain style and more style, but the amount is not much, or even several dozens of pieces of some Only one a style (but state of the entire package sales of clothing quality and is a new product). coupled with our goods in the wholesale non-stop every day to go out, but the picture is not updated every day, which inevitably appear on the picture of and real samples of different styles, hope our customers will understand and support, to help our customers is our intention to profit and common development. Guests at the price set on after our customer service staff; Tel ,0769 -83,114,930 phone, 13412632636. QQ: 307344129. You can also directly contact Ali Want. Requirements of price and very approximate description after picking us as we main Za 款, style a style of a wide variety of pieces, some only a few Erju every day Fahuo, style updates very fast, but our image Mofa replaced every day, so the style is picking us to help the guests, the day after delivery, we give the guests the day after delivery logistics single number, the customer can check online invoice number (Kakichi, Arima, Debon, only three logistics support online, you can call other logistics) to track their goods, we work with more than 300 shipping companies, freight is the customer received the goods before paying. Companies look forward to every one concerned with the support of our friends call here, for our friends from afar to be a special care, free shuttle service. Good service, and pragmatic spirit, good reputation, high-quality brand to get all walks of life to a well! We understand that customers want most concluded that with us they can make money, so we spend more energy to go around for guests to get the best and most affordable products try and try again! ! ! ! We are a large part of Long wool industry, we thrive for the entire wool industry, and strive forward!

    Main products: clothing, T-shirts, women's sweater, knitted sweater, men's, women, stock clothing, sweaters, casual wear, children's clothing

    Contact: Zhou Yong

    Tel :0769 -83,114,930

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