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Nine big transition help China lighting industry terminal market for cold warm

2011 years of lighting industry terminal market mainly around two important theme, one is lamps sells the crazy expansion; The other is a property market after missing the rigid purchasing power from the big market depression; If plus three basic level pigments, LED XuHuo price spread of episodes, overall, terminal dealers in 2011 crystal gift baby after a long pains period.

Experts predict, 2012 years of lighting industry more rough, sales and distributors to lamps and as a representative of the terminal market certainly will will face more deadly shuffle and transformationcrystal gift clock . Transformation is fast enough is enough accurate survival, the insistence will be shuffle out. The author thinks that, in 2012 China lighting industry only through the terminal market model transformation, change the way of thinking can out of this, and win the future.

A terminal sells articles

Terminal sells the lamp is the lamps brand the main display sales platform, account for 80% of the industry sales above. But throughout the lamp stores, can call standard, professional, brand market really not much. Admittedly, in recent years lights era, chengdu gold house, Beijing li river/high strength, shenyang ZhangShi, crystal gift decoration changzhou zou area, zhengzhou huafeng, chongqing model.flood-control,crystal car model Harbin sea dragons, and a number of has a brand, thinking of the first-class stores unconventional, Beijing li river city or even the first out of the lamp chain development way, but after all too high, crystal diamond keychain the expansion of the brigade extremely lonely.

One of the transformation: either the special master,LED crystal keychain or the household

The future of the existing market of lamps in two development direction, one kind is professional, management, familiar with the whole lighting industry chain fine professional lamps and lanterns city or chain, another is a combination of lamps and lanterns, ceramics, floors, the household industry "one-stop" crystal ship model buy neat city complex. The first with li river city lighting to represent, and the latter mainly to macalline, unexpectedly the home and every city independent comprehensive MALL for represent, both have their advantages and disadvantages, and this is the choice of how market party development direction.

Transformation no.2: clear positioning, raise

According to the market business operational manner and accurate market positioning retail, wholesale business model, carry forward the advantage, make up for short board, strengthen the comprehensive competitive power. In shenyang ZhangShi lamps and lanterns city as an example, ZhangShi lamps and lanterns city first is high-end retail and engineering market, with the aid of high-end atmosphere and the advantage of outdoor project launched the second phase of the top position international high-quality goods museum, then start logistics wholesale center to existing businesses attract high quality advantage, make wholesale format, form high-end retail, engineering, wholesale integral pattern. And other lighting city has its own advantage is a little, but the lack of accurate positioning, stubbornness and change, the advantage that no longer optimal end.

Transformation # 3: lamps and lanterns city for merchants "run the business"

Market of lamps act as "charter and" the time is over. Some old market occupy the traffic of the year, a long often act as "charter male" role, to advertising, service is ignored, more cows. But more new market or brand chain market, it will be the interests of businesses as a service to the key, and water, and also in between the also, such as li river lighting city shenyang store, lead designer for commercial activities held lanterns link designer resources; Integrate information through the government association channels for project light merchants to win the "government designated purchase"; Big local channels in magazines, carry merchant brand publicity to DeXian, help its do "wholesale".

The transformation of four: diversification of integrated marketing promotion

Market of lamps don't there two reasons, one is the newspapers, TV media costs is high, the input and output is out; 2 it is don't know how to do the effective promotion, didn't spend money on the blade in, not have the effect will not dare to vote. The first thing is to establish formal marketing planning department, research the needs of customers and merchants, the market to buy lamp of consumer crowd distribution, consumption level, roughly the be fond of, often in and out of place, be fond of what magazines such as media, according to merchants often face customers object choice advertisement carrier; Second and the various media representative keep continuous communication; Also with local other formats a joint purchase, sell promotion agreement, BaoTuan development.

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