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Yangzhou five culture industry garden area for "national"

According to a recent survey, municipal bureau of statistics report, at present the yangzhou has to form a number of more mature culture industrial park, industry development gradually becomes the system, the first sight of the construction scale, more have five cultural industrial park for "national". crystal animal supplier But those who be worth to remind is, at present the enterprise in the park will still need to form their suitable profit model, in order to avoid vicious competition, and formed a "a garden more enterprises, enterprise feature a" good momentum of development.

As we have learned, current yangzhou has basically formed by the news media, printing, publishing cultural and creative, cultural tourism, industrial arts, toy production, Musical Instruments, exhibition,crystal ashtray factory superiority made in cultural entertainment for the main categories of a complete range cultural industry system. And in the cultural atmosphere of the deep, GaoYou, yizheng shortcoming,crystal wine stopper china such as county (city, area), the disorderly needle embroidery, the glass technology, crystal technology, to teach the toy, the stylistic equipment, metal production process and ecological sightseeing,crystal wine stopper manufacturer leisure tourism, and other characteristics of cultural industries gradually taking shape.

The cultural industry in in succession to release the local economic contribution. The figures showed that in 2010, jiangsu culture industry development performance evaluation, in the province of yangzhou city fifth;china crystal gift and craft The cultural industry sector accounted for 3.29% of Beijing's GDP, crystal table clock ranked the forth; The cultural service sector accounted for the added value of the tertiary industry for 2.85%, ranked the forth.

In addition to having relatively complete industrial system, crystal square ashtray a number of cultural industry in yangzhou city carrier hung up the "national" golden signboard. Among them, yangzhou craft art gathering area and HanJiang area "yangzhou culture creative industry park" has been culture ministry named "national demonstration base of the cultural industry";crystal hanging decoration Baoying glass crystal process won the national light industrial chamber of commerce issued "the national glass crystal handicraft export base" title; The city economy and technology development zone approved establish the national digital publishing base yangzhou park "; Oregon-lake scenic spot shu is the ministry of culturecrystal hanging ornament , the national tourism administration awarded "national cultural tourism demonstration area". In addition, HanJiang zone jiangsu oasis film and television service outsourcing crystal lotus candleholder base project was listed in the province "1025" service industry key development project.

"A foundation, industry, more to be on the scale, on level." The municipal party committee propaganda department relevant officials think, each big park is the enterprise form of suitable profit model. At present some industrial park, gathering the area there are cultural enterprise duplicate construction phenomenon,crystal candle stand enterprise positioning similar, business content convergence.

HanJiang area a head of the development and reform commission, crystal plane model for example, to the toy industry as an example, yangzhou, more than 300 are plush toys enterprise, the vast majority are private enterprises. In recent years attract social capital to the construction of the five dragon pavilions toy city, is the largest of the Asian collection production, the research and development, sales, exhibition,crystal building model tourism in one of the toys center. But each enterprise similar degree between high, product technical content is low, often a products just design out, each enterprise competing to imitate. The enterprise should be combined with their own characteristics, selectively go specialization or diversity road, explore the profit pattern of sustainable.

"The current policy is to send, encourage enterprises to introduce talents, and at the same time, to protect intellectual property rights." The officials think, the cultural industry is an innovation, the creation of the industry, also is the knowledge of intelligent industry, the work of intellectual property protection is urgently needed. He said, creative to which, design to which, property protection to which need to be with.

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