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Life little common sense: nostrum cleaning crystalline light let beauty in bloom

With this new classic adornment a few years the popularity of the style, in household lamps and lanterns USES, crystalline light almost a series of river's lake situation. And the dazzling crystal lamp, dye dust scale can be after dazzling, therefore, regular cleaning is very important. But though use of crystalline light is many,china crystal ball but know how to maintenance, cleaning the human are not actually many. Crystalline light cleaning, there are many need to pay attention to the small matters.

Cleaning the dust on the crystalline light,crystal ball company the best tool is the brush, long hair and soft, not paint rinse, and to write the kind of brush calligraphy, the longer the better, through the static friction, will remove the dust; And detergent,diamond supplier can use the professional crystal cleaning agents, this kind of cleaner is similar to the composition of alcohol, volatile in the volatile in the process of the dust away, but cleaning effect is not very ideal.

The most important cleaning crystalline light is steps. Before the cleaning, of crystalline light shop-a sponge mat, in case the crystal ball fell one thousand without damage. Will the crystalline light of the crystal ball took note that one down detailed position, good will forget it, otherwise forget,crystal gift supplier complex crystal parade is maddening. crystal pendant china Crystal ball off after cleaning them, must use dry cloth and wipe dry can hang, otherwise no dry crystal ball itself is a very good "vacuum". Will the crystal ball put,crystal perfume bottle supplier be sure to remember to wear on the wool cloth gloves,crystal craft factory so can effectively prevent fingerprints and sweat be soiled printed on crystal and lighting fixtures, especially of crystalline light fixtures are mostly to refraction bright of crystal, do the mirror treatment, the fingerprints on the printed will be very clear appeared,crystal craft company it is hard to wipe away.

Every cleaning crystalline light, had better be the crystal ball HuDieKou, crystal animal supplier pin etc hardware replace, lest the disassembling caused by fracture after hardware to the risk of falls off the crystal ball.

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