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Who the flap after 80/90 the visual nerve

Christmas celebrating New Year's day, meet hefei 8090 photo studio, launched the following activity theme

Value Christmas, New Year's day is coming, hefei 8090 photography studio in appreciation of the couple's love, roll out a group Thanksgiving reciprocate activities.

Window one, high quality sessions optional choose! All activities in my studio set during the marriage gauze is set, can choose shooting sessions, beautiful spring, warm summer and autumn,crystal award cup pure full of winter, you want to what the season what holes season clap!

Point two, the intimate one by one, crystal business gift the high quality service is a hard truth! Only focus just have quality, only communication have innovation! During the marriage gauze all set of customer all can enjoy one-on-one shooting service, a group of researchers taken full chaperone, let you feel good services.

Window 3, my wedding I family, my scene I choose! For internal and external a cycle of heart and not intertwine? Don't have a headache, during the activity of all is how to choose the scene by all the clothes you decidecrystal medal , partial interior view? Partial scene? View all with you partial!

Point four, doesn't need to get married in the day's makeup, crystal model truck wedding gown, dress, crown, jewelry trouble 8090 photography all provide all don't need the money HaoLi mysterious and constantly, infinite courtesy waiting for you! Make is mysterious,crystal truck model send is surprise!


Part of Christmas wedding dress set of content as follows: 2888 yuan

Four sets of wedding dresses, four acme modelling, the entire journey service, 16 inches one-on-one luxury ice crystal copies, 12 inches luxury ice crystal book, the home of 8 "book, 60 inches anaglyph crystal, 40 inches of Europe type gold frames, 20 inches of bright beautiful crystal, 10 inches of delicate table, 7" bright beautiful crystal, 60 X160 posters a wallet, according to two pieces of, into the book any number of sheets, film refinement all free.


Activities deadline of January 10, 2012

New people want to know the details please add the QQ: 499549423

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