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Stylist ZhouAngJie: Diana's first choice made shoes division

Born in Malaysia ZhouAngJie (JimmyChoo) there is no doubt that Diana's first choice made shoes division. Whenever princess Diana need shoes to match her each set of clothing, princess Diana would put ZhouAngJie from his studio call to kensington palace, it ZhouAngJie is diverse shoes, color CARDS, fabrics, and give them stand on the crystal horses floor and make a final choice Diana.

In 1996, TamaraMellon in London JimmyChoo opened a the shoe store, crystal gift baby identification of princess taste also would from word of mouth, JimmyChoo and has since become the symbol of the grade.

JimmyChoo in London city center has a small sample gallery and a production workshop. His clients include Britain's royal family, popular music stars such as KylieMinogue, spice and AtomicKitten and so on. crystal gift clock Hollywood actress is a faithful follower of JimmyChoo, Madonna in the wedding ceremony put on a pair of JimmyChoo high-heeled shoes into a church; But many actresses attended award ceremony also choose more JimmyChoo when the design match line to a magnificently. In "sex and the city" in, love shoes a lot as well as those of the JimmyChoo Carrie also often name in noises. JimmyChoo design style romantic, luxuriant, vamp use of crystal, diamond, crystal gift decoration ostrich feathers, and bowknot, woman flavour of feet adornment, make the shoes is extremely attractive.

"4 inches is a health problem, high or low the high-heeled shoes can make people uncomfortable, the balance of human body also not good." ZhouAngJie said: "my father is the Chinese like shoes, in business research, the research how to have more business, so know how shoes is our favorite, feel most comfortable,crystal car model and four inches in height also is such that it."

"JimmyChoo brand President, was in the British VOGUE of the office TamaraMelion think, high-heeled shoes with the heel of my shoe body balance is the most important elements of the JimmyChoo shoes.crystal diamond keychain With more than 400 for the private collection of JimmyChoo Tamara, has a unique views of high heels," high-heeled shoes than a clothes, will be more emotion. High heels and a woman of the relationship is very delicate, in any case, any emotion, the woman put on a pair of good high-heeled shoes, immediately and feel very sexy, LED crystal keychain this is the magic of high-heeled shoes. "

Since the 15 th century invention since the high-heeled shoes, heel height size change from time to time, but for the high-heeled shoes but fanatical minibook. But it will be the trend of the high and pushed to peak, crystal ship model it is no doubt JimmyChoo that 4 inches high heels. Fashion magazines think, JmmyChoo attractive designs but wear comfortable style make elegant evening shoe the grand banquet jump out of the frame, become more widely fashion accessories level.

"My inspiration of course is pretty girls." ZhouAngJie said, he likes to design, in the small of the time together with father, I like the design. "Why do I have so many inspiration,crystal cooperate trophy because I do for 21 years, with different age lady contact, for their special design high heels, and every time they get a lot of inspiration from there."

ZhouAngJie likes to go to different national tourism. crystal customized trophy In different countries will see the different customs, get rich knowledge. "Why do I spend a lot of time to travel? Because the only way to contact the person, constantly derive inspiration."

ZhouAngJie design from elementary school, he much attention to JimmyChooCouture, is manual custom. "I used a lot of time to go to English cultural center, exchange center to promote and communication, crystal award cup and the most important promotion is in guangzhou."

Later, he began to do Readytowear, with five years of time to play the famous brand. Five years later this ZhouAngJie brand sold to a financial group. "Because I want to concentrate on my custom design." Zhou said.

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