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Join Yimei Lighting: successful selection of investors

    With the low-carbon economy surging, phased out incandescent light is a "bad luck." LED lighting industry in order to charge the semiconductor industry played a horn, home lighting industry has ushered in a new space. More and more people seeking a more stylish, energy saving, environmental protection,crystal hanging ornament new lighting, which is what people say lighting. In the real estate industry, driven by our full-blown lighting, lighting unprecedented market growth.

    Zhongshan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. crystal lotus candleholder Transit's "Yimei Lighting Factory" was established OO years, is a product R & D, design, production, sales and service in one of the professional "home lighting, commercial lighting,crystal candle stand engineering Lighting, "Lighting, lamps operating companies. Its products have obtained 3C certification, CQC certification, CE certification, China Energy Conservation Certification, Quality Service Credit AAA enterprises, national authoritative quality qualified products. Since its inception, adhering to the "integrity management,crystal plane model win-win cooperation and common development" business philosophy, adhere to the "warm lighting Yi home and beauty" of the human heart, to establish realistic and pragmatic,crystal building model the times of the corporate culture. And describe the legend of China's lighting industry, the road!

    Now lighting, lighting has been used beyond the initial single-function, but should have a modern home decorative features should be based on the family in different rooms,crystal pen set different room styles, different groups of people like to mix various styles of lighting products. In Yimei lighting through different materials, such as: crystal, glass, metal,crystal bottle stopper aluminum, silk,crystal souvenirs rattan, cloth, etc. to produce nearly 1000 products covering your home lighting every corner. Living room, dining room, bedroom, children room, study, kitchen, bathroom and other kinds of lighting everything. Product price high, medium and low-grade to meet the different levels of consumer demand. Let each work fine, crisp product structure into your home,crystal pyramids allowing you to enjoy Yimei lighting low price, while adding color to your life, give you a joy.

    Advantage 1: Market Planning and Investment Analysis

    Through a comprehensive market analysis, synthesis agents of market experience, the company is suitable for investors to develop local marketing programs and marketing plans,crystal horses market supervision of business with the Commissioner, year-round presence of the market line, the case will be tailored to local dealers to develop appropriate marketing plans .

    Advantage 2: shows the layout of the site renovation

    To provide for the agents from the company store location, decoration, uniform image, product demonstrations, installation step of the actual planning, let you easily have their own shops to ultra-fast speed to market, began operating income.

    Advantage 3: Sales training under the guidance of shop

    Company to provide you with lighting knowledge, sales techniques, marketing strategies, installation specifications, lighting maintenance system knowledge training to enable you to quickly change experts from the novices, calm face of the market.

    4 advantages: advertising branding

    According to target audience groups, the company invested many years in the CCTV, local TV, newspapers, magazines, and Sina, Sohu, Yahoo, and other large portals Netease full publicity, raise brand awareness.

    Advantage of 5: 100% Return Logistics

    CRM e-Commerce systems, unified bar code, standard orders, any orders, dispensing instant, real-time queries, fast logistics. Meanwhile, there are quality problems, adhere to 100% of the backlog of product exchange system, to fully protect the interests of dealers

    Edge 6: sell more and more back to double awards

    Companies to adopt "1 +1" sales rebate policy, more sales and more return, end of year enterprise in accordance with the sales ratio, to obtain the corresponding reward.

    Advantage 7: opening gifts tracking support

    Door first, decoration, staff clothing, image display cards, flyers, labels, cards, cash register supplies the necessary management, a large opening to the renovation, a small balloon advertising, companies are all presented, easy to open; the latter part of the business professional guidance and customer service teams, "one" in helping to track policy.

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