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Network business, where the line start?

    The dispensers are more and more online, especially with the introduction of Alipay, a lot more determined to join the ranks of the people's confidence in e-commerce. Facilitate the trading platform, secure transaction methods have been gradually improved, but wait? So, when you have determined to open an online shop,crystal gift decoration the 'selling' has become a major concern. Situation from the shops, we can see, the current personal online trading shop is larger than the major source of self apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, cell phone,crystal car model home accessories.

    Consider what you sell, crystal diamond keychain the best from their own interests and abilities may be, and try to avoid those unfamiliar, not areas of expertise. And, also need to determine the target customer? Where? What do they like? Now the mainstream Internet users show two characteristics: the game as the main purpose of the Internet groups of students; to information on the Web,LED crystal keychain trading as the main office workers - white-collar or white-collar level. Of course, whether it is for what type of groups, specialty stores are always welcome, if they can find to suit stylish and unique products, such as home-made jewelry, toys, DIY, custom clothing and other goods or services, would be a good online shop of choice.

    Determine the type of goods, commodity prices also need to understand the situation. Overall, the value of goods is high, incomes are high, but the investment is relatively large.crystal ship model For neither sales experience, and lack of family in terms of the original venture capital, it was not a small burden. And one of the largest online trading is characterized by a wide range of geographical coverage,crystal cooperate trophy so that some of the larger, heavier but the low price of goods is not suitable for online sales, because the logistics of commodities in the mail when the cost is too high.

    In fact, we can find some of the search, crystal, sterling silver necklace, color screen cell phones, bedding, jeans have become the largest people search for key words, these words from one aspect of the show people's shopping tendencies.

    Jewelry: "Crystal," the hot. Crystal has been the most active online trading one of the categories, the new darling of fashion jewelry and personalized crystal pendant by buyers of all ages. Moreover, crystal, silver and jade hot, the network in 2004 led to classification of jewelry sales heat.

    Gift Home Class: "Zippo", "bedding" favored. Buy gifts has always been worries about the job, now more and more biased in favor of people's gift-giving taste and personality, has a certain cultural taste a favorite symbol of Zippo lighters. Only "Zippo chrome classic" a style, full-year 2003 sales of more than 20,000. The bedding of the hot shows another feature of online shopping - practical. Home decoration can see the owner's taste and attitude, or elegance, or cartoon, or fashion.

    Digital products: mobile phones, especially with a family in the "camera", "color" and "chord" feature was a member of the more popular. Cell phone owners who will not miss any of you can always show the personality of the new features, camera and camera phone will undoubtedly become the focus of fashion, affordable, functional skills, with color screen, polyphonic cell phone also features a large number of still buyers, Motorola T720 is one of the typical one.

    Favorite class: "Olympic Games" related collectibles craze subsided. The introduction of the Olympic mascots, have drawn attention, led to all kinds of Olympic-related souvenirs collection boom. And is expected to be in a very long period of time is still a fashion focus.

    In addition, such as fitness balls, yoga mats and other suitable indoor sports fitness equipment, and audio-visual teaching sports store quite difficult to find online shops VCD is also a popular commodity in e-commerce experts have pointed out, these things more suitable for business on the network, the network is easier than traditional communication methods to gather loose from the line although the number has continued to grow, but fans of groups.


    Know which aspects of their own good, want to do after what aspects of product sales, then you need to know where to find sources.

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