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Adverse headlong LED lighting business at home and abroad, "the winter planting" by life

LED short-term sector's downturn, but the LED industry will accelerate the development of long-term trend, the Philips LED and other foreign giants have adverse busy 'winter planting' to get the main future market opportunities. The third quarter of 2011, the boss 'on foot tide' spread to the LED industry in Shenzhen, mainly LED serious excess capacity, coupled with the deteriorating economic situation at home and abroad, so that prices have fallen sharply due to LED products. crystal craft factory Current industry concentration is low, restricting the technology behind the main obstacle to the further development of the industry. From the industrial chain, the upstream and midstream sectors more investment value, three optical, dry according to optical, electronic Eastern crystal, optical crystal and other companies will benefit crystal animal supplier significantly.

    Sluggish domestic demand and weak exports, China's LED industry experience winter, close down strikes. Philips, however, adverse economic investment, December 15, Philips (China)crystal ashtray factory Investment Co., Ltd. and Chengdu People's Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, announced a strategic partnership relations between the two sides, while the two sides also signed a Philips Philips LED project investment and cooperation agreement, announced in Chengdu High-tech Zone to invest in the professional Philips LED lighting project, crystal wine stopper china planned from 2011 to 2015, total investment of more than 25 million euros, will provide 800 jobs. The main production of outdoor and indoor Philips brand LED lighting, and both products of industrialization,crystal wine stopper manufacturer customized functions.

    Although short-term sector's downturn, china crystal gift and craft but a huge market at home and abroad to attract the majority of companies actively invest in long-term will continue to accelerate the development of LED industry, is actively Philips downturn in the industry for future market expansion opportunities of the main reasons.

    With the expanding range of applications, crystal table clock rapid development of the global LED industry, high-brightness LED market is only as high as $ 8.25 billion (2009 data), worldwide in 2014 is expected to high-brightness LED market, or will reach 200 billion U.S. dollars, crystal square ashtray The more optimistic expectations that the next decade there will be a world of LED lighting up to 10 trillion yuan (RMB) in the market.

    In particular, crystal hanging decoration the domestic market is so attractive LED, LED companies lead foreign 'Jingzhe Yao', LED companies busy 'winter planting' phenomenon gradually horizon. Industry leaders are expected in 2015 or China LED market will reach $ 500 billion, which compared with about $ 126 billion in 2010, the output value will grow nearly four times.

    It is understood that, in addition to Philips, crystal hanging ornament the world's largest industrial gas companies - Air Products also Wuhu City has put into the world's first and largest ultra-pure ammonia gas plant site, the new high brightness for the local LED project provides ultra-high purity ammonia, will produce 2,000 tonnes of gas. LED used in the manufacture of GaN requires a lot of ammonia to provide the primary crystal lotus candleholder source of nitrogen. Due to favorable prospects for China's LED market, Air Products is also building a second manufacturing base in the same high-purity ammonia plant, the plant's production capacity with the commissioning of a plant the same, and plans to put into operation in mid-2012.

    In addition, it was reported that the recent large number of LED enterprises to expand investment, such as LED Hongli Opto-electronic 266 million yuan to build production base, to be a substantial expansion Dongshan Precision LED main, ST and sweet to be 835 million project to build LED wafer production. December 13, LED photoelectric enterprises Jufei GEM issuance examination committee of the Commission to accept IPO application process. The next 3 days, Mason Technologies, rectangular semiconductor and optoelectronic Riyadh three LED-related companies will be on the Council.

    The third quarter of 2011, the boss 'on foot tide' spread to the LED industry in Shenzhen, mainly LED serious excess capacity, coupled with the deteriorating economic situation at home and abroad, so that prices have fallen sharply due to LED products. Currently the LED industry is caught in a structural surplus of crisis, industry chain sapphire substrate, chip, package, application of the price all the way down.

    According to statistics, in 2011 signed the first half of the LED industry plans investment of $ 1,184.98 billion yuan, an increase of 26%, but the downstream market is clearly not open. LED products companies rely more on local government public works to digest, high prices are still far away makes civilian, and the impact of the weak by the international market, LED exports also suffered poor. More than 1,300 enterprises in Shenzhen LED vast majority of small and medium enterprises can not survive, the industry has begun to close down, the industry is facing a brutal shake. At present, despite the rapid growth of LED as a whole showed a trend, but every day of Shenzhen LED companies facing bankruptcy or liquidation.

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