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WangYanZhi: understand architectural meaning light quality pursuit

The net undertakes of light Aladdin lighting six FangGuoJi summit has successively space in Beijing, guangzhou, Shanghai and three for three consecutive years successfully held, on dec. 20,crystal gift decoration 2011, the fourth light space FangGuoJi summit has six move into the "land of the reputation of chengdu, guests from all over the world in one common building, decoration, and light to the environment of heat exchange on a warm words. Hong Kong grand view international design consulting Co., LTD. The chief representative,crystal car model CBDA design committee of China lighting association WangYanZhi CEES guests to Mr. The table topics, sharing this year they have just completed two public building project: 26 th world summer games and tianjin university students of the west concept of lighting design and practice.

Design must consider building the meaning and spirit culture

Mr. WangYanZhi talking about a case said universiade,crystal diamond keychain responsible for the case of architectural design is GMP, a German very famous architectural design company. They work very care about, including the use of lamplight illume.LED crystal keychain Through this with GMP cooperation, WangYanZhi bumpy, "in the light, we must be before the design to consider building, and the meaning of the construction of the spiritual culture." He thinks, lighting designers must be fully as architects have very good communication, and the lighting complete with as much as possible in the space inside.

The shenzhen universiade gallery is at home by three construction composition, a stadium, a gymnasium and swimming pool. They know from the architect, the whole building ideas and inspiration comes from the crystal. After the discussion, think the white light or white buildings can be more and architectural photograph echo,crystal ship model ultimately choose white as the theme. Universiade and 21 different building about the of triangles, had they provide to the owner two technique, with white light way to do show: one kind is difficult under way of as; Another way is through the layered lighting the way is relatively easy. The last owner to select a layered lighting the way for the next step of implementation.

The designer to to show the construction the language and "fight"

WangYanZhi think, and the architect of communication,crystal cooperate trophy is able to find really how to show the construction the language. But often also have some problems. Such as they in this project from start to finish the design, is kept in with project owner, is also the owner of the so-called "fight" of the process. Although they insist to use white light can show the meaning of building more,crystal customized trophy more can show the spirit of activities. But the owner cannot agree, crystal award cup talked about technical problems, they did not understand, just feel or color light best, and out of the Asian games and Olympic Games are using color light questioned as an example.

WangYanZhi said: "don't must use light color performance? Can't use the spectrum to make changes? A real game is on illume have firm demand, we must choose the best brightness, be sure it is white light effect." Although constantly with the owner to the building that USES white light is the best, have no way to stop the government finally on the color of the light crush. Because of the GMP in charge of the project is very famous architectural design company, its prestige also let them building design get some "rights", finally let the employer reserves a part of white light.

Cooperation and cooperate with the real communication form a good product

WangYanZhi hope by sharing the tianjin west station project, let the audience understand to lighting designers and architects should be how to cooperation and coordination. According to introducing, this project is the design by Germany, technical requirements by the German light advisers: light can only stay in the ground, the light had better not as to the wall, light not as in the above post. This difficulty is very high, must want to do all of the accused of light, must pass all kinds of different Angle realized.

From this project in talking to the benefit, he said: "I learned from the German designer's perfect and professional-they think can achieve perfect." Lighting designers to really able to interior design and architectural design with together, forming the real one. True communication is can form good products, but in practice, some people are afraid of communication, some people are afraid of trouble don't want to communicate. In his view, the whole lighting designers work, have to respect building, must respect space, must want to understand the meaning of the building, the meaning of space, do not want oneself to take pictures just see draw a phone.

Designed to "light" first not let lamps presumptuous guest usurps the host's role

WangYanZhi said, when the design must also consider maintenance problems for project owner, submit to the owner of the plan is to can maintenance, can't do all that a flash in the pan lighting effects. Any a lighting solutions are to consider the future maintenance plan, must consider the maintenance measures. In this project to take a lot of square lamp, because they hope to create very concise, can reflect a worker, embody building environment. In fact, at the beginning of design to determine a lighting scheme, the creation of the plan when determine a goal, hope space is clean light environment, wall don't have too many flare.

For light selection, WangYanZhi think of lamps of plastic they don't important, he said he is "very hate lamps", because the light is to, and don't want too beautiful lamps and the sauce is better than the fish, so choose the line is very simple lamps and lanterns joke. Light will be considering the metaphysics of the buildings are identical, whether beautiful. Will see the size of the lamps, installed in above of building it posts have how old influence.

The end of the speech, and finally he added that China's past the poor stage, has been slowly towards the rich development stage, should not stay for a pursuit in brightness, and constantly chase chroma environment. The brightness of the city, the early indeed can represent a sign of wealth, now should begin to return to how to do the light, it's back to balance to the light, no longer blindly seek brightness and chroma, should pursue the quality of the light.

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