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In 2012, the second international jewellery and arts and crafts exhibition

Start time: 2012-05-24

End time: 2012-05-27

Venue: Beijing's haidian district XiSanQi China post research arena to remit office building

United is: LiuShangQing

The telephone number: 13521321976

Organizer: Beijing arena of international exhibition Co., LTD,china crystal gift and craft remit

Contractors: shaanxi international exhibition center (province stadium)

China is the world's largest platinum, jade, jade consumer. Pearl of the world total annual output of more than 95%; The third gold consumption in the world; The world's fifth largest diamond market;crystal table clock Silver jewelry consumption in 600 tons; Red sapphirine, crystal square ashtray chromatic gem is in the ascendant. China has become the world's most important one of jewelry consumption market.

As the development of western China bridgehead, China's seven large area center city of xian, jewelry, handicraft consumption market environment is superior, crystal hanging decoration borrow the great development of the west new ten years and construction for international metropolis xian the historical opportunity and xian own geographical advantages,crystal hanging ornament arena of international exhibition company remit in November 2011 already successful held the first xi 'an jewelry, arts and crafts exhibition, move by shaanxi jewelry and handicraft market. In order to further promote the jewelry,crystal lotus candleholder handicraft industry in the western area rapid and stable and healthy development, realize the jewelry brand culture and thick of the history and culture of han perfect union, arena of international exhibition company will send in May 2012 and gave a more professional, brand jewelry and arts and crafts exhibition!

Carry forward the jewelry brand culture promote the crystal candle stand jewellery industry western development

Organizer: China wood/nets China commodity association China collection association

Contractors: Beijing arena of international exhibition Co., LTD,crystal plane model remit

Support units: the people's government of the people's government of the city xian Chinese wood culture to learn Chinese jewelry jade association China household decoration association jiangsu yixing violet arenaceous industry association of jiangsu provincecrystal building model lienyungang east China sea crystal

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Jewels class

Diamond and gem: diamond, ruby, sapphire, hetian jade, crystal bottle stopper longevity hill, emerald, artificial stones, etc.;

Jewelry: gold jewelry, silver ornaments, platinum jewelry,crystal pyramids palladium gold jewelry, diamond jewellery, precious stones,crystal horses jewelry, inlaid jewellery, simulation of jewelry, gold-plated jewelry, crystal, pearl jewelry, jadeite jade jewelry, etc.;

Gold products: gold bars, gold and other gold products

Equipment instrument: jewelry processing equipment, test equipment, cleaning equipment, jewelry display and packaging;

Handicraft class

Annatto furniture, annatto furnishing articles, crystal gift baby classic furniture, root;

Pottery art crafts, China handicraft, purple sand,crystal gift clock stone, calligraphy and painting, four treasures of the study, etc.;

Decoration painting handicraft, commercial art crafts;crystal gift decoration Wax printing handicraft, embroidery crafts, cloisonne crafts,


Antique curios, cultural relic, clocks and watches, yuan blue, jade, stone, bronze ware, COINS, etc

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