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Home indispensable to the "three lights" geomantic common sense

As night falls, dragging the weary of you see the lights lit up inevitably arises spontaneously up a "home similar arrow" feelings? Besides illume role that the light outside,crystal craft company in psychological can bring a person warm feeling, as for you the solicitude family, so sweet household always cannot leave harmonious lighting... However, you know? Proper lighting arrangement,crystal craft factory in kanyu study, more on the ascending household gas, reduce excess home bring adverse event of dark area functions such as household lighting design from the choice, the luminosity of the deployment, number of selection, the lamp ACTS the role of the evil spirit, etc in kanyu study, tell you how to the "vision" to choose and to decorate household lighting.

Style chooses a circle best currently, crystal animal supplier the lamp of the world in brightly colored by yellow, bai shuijing make droplight very common, the legendary yellow crystal has to think of the sight and mind effect, and bai shuijing is called "the official transport stone", it is said that to their friends and relatives, loose the role of friendship, both in Chao hot light, crystal ashtray factory magnetic field effect surely want to has been improved.

The most commonly used household type suction a top round droplight basically accord with "nature round place of ancient kanyu theory, meant the universe, the home safe, and never won't form"crystal wine stopper china Angle evil spirit "or cause" malice "kind of psychological depression.


The light of the candle droplight in kanyu study, crystal wine stopper manufacturer called the "Lord loss" like,china crystal gift and craft especially the white light of the candle, for the dedication of the funeral on similar tradition with white candles, so very easy to bring home the psychological shadow, thereby affecting the health.

Droop type droplight because reduced the flowering plate and the ground of visual space, so if set above sit in seat will make the result in heavy mental depression, if in the bottom have sharp edges are more bad.

Because the lamp ACTS the role of the ornament is, if the house is not big but choose the lamp of giant, except against the space is decorated principle outside, in kanyu has "the youngest disorder" say, which is making the children at home on the complexion, unfilial behaviour and rude to clear the deployment of luminosity.

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