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« China crystal soft power and the world brand gap greatly Diamond grinding wheel that cemented carbide grinding efficiency have qualitative change »

Crystal lamp market pricing standard price can be his lack of standard

The quality of a material of crystalline light general points natural crystal, the heavy lead crystal, low lead crystal, crystal glass, now the crystalline light on market more than 95% is crystal glass,LED crystal keychain even there are plastic, cost price is far lower than the natural and lead crystal.

A lamp has three price

Miss Chen recently ready to buy a metal "crystal ship model fishing lamp" in the sitting room, but this looks very modern floor lamp, price can make people dizzy. The same is a large "fishing lamp," a market with 1860 yuan, 980 yuan, 620 yuan 3 kinds of prices.

Sell marks a price 1860 yuan marketers say,crystal cooperate trophy the lamp is Hong Kong brand, seat is marble, chimney, shrink stem is stainless steel, the price of your nature. And the sale price of 980 yuan, 620 yuan business has also said they store the lamp is the international brand, just make special offer to sell cheap.

Price can label

One morning, the author found that a visit to market of lamps, high price theory is common. A city lamps, mark a price 4400 yuan domestic crystal lamp, didn't wait the author openings to bargain, crystal customized trophy the boss will hit the discount of three point percent. "The price is our own mark. You have to keep looking, I can still cheaper than another cheap, guarantee." The boss and say,crystal award cup on either side will be brought into the import of crystalline light area, every lamp is in ten thousand yuan of above. The boss said that these goods all is the national unified pricing, crystal business gift most can get ninety percent.

The author thought of song's experience,crystal medal immediately pointed to a 14000 multivariate crystalline light began to bargain. Finally, the author will price cut to sixty percent, the boss also said jolly, if buy it now, can give light bulb and lamp bead, if the author much buy a lamp, the price also can let a let.

The more profitable price increases

Some citizens in lady introduced said the early years,crystal model truck lamps and lanterns trade popular "40 yuan lamps and lanterns, sell you 300 yuan, 400 yuan is friendship is an option" view. Now industry competition is intense, while profits dropped, crystal truck model but high price but became a tradition. Now the lighting in about 50% to 100% gross profit, such as after fold, one thousand yuan of domestic crystalline light purchase price in six hundred yuan, ten thousand yuan of crystalline light import purchase price five thousand yuan or so. The higher the price lamps and lanterns and the higher profits, due to a lack of unified pricing, how many money to clinch a deal in the customer's bargaining technology.

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