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Which is all right to buy over the fire in 2011 strongly recommend flat-panel TVs

   Popularity is a measure of whether a product is one important criterion for good or bad, if this product is a popular, then shows the sales of this product is also very good. Today many consumers buy the product when they will be some very popular products as their first choice to buy one product.
  Flat-panel TV with our lives as closely related to a household electrical appliances, has been plagued by concerns of consumers. crystal trophy More types of flat-panel TV,crystal gifts many consumers in the purchase pick dazzled, I do not know Which is the right choice to buy. In fact, for our working-class consumers who want to buy flat-panel TV in the most fancy is the product of price and performance of these two aspects. crystal laser In order to give the recent purchase flat-panel TVs to help, then I would recommend for everyone 5 2011 quite popular flat-panel TVs, crystal products hoping for your purchase will provide some help.
   * Super-smart New TCL L46V8200

    Edit Comment: TCL V8200 series super-smart Internet TV crystal totally enclosed screen design highlights the product's noble qualities,china crystal based Windows7 system of super-smart feature rich applications, wireless somatosensory remote control, voice recognition and other functions are greatly improved the playability of the product. Currently TCL L46V8200-3D 3D TV is super-smart low-cost Internet marketing,crystal box the interested consumer concern.


    TCL L46V8200-3D super-smart Internet TV uses a unique 3D crystal totally enclosed screen process design, ultra-thin acrylic material to consumers minimalist style, while blending in one of the fine screen experience.

   TCL L46V8200-3D 3D Super Internet TV allows smart 1080P Full HD 3D video display, without attenuation to allow users to experience the true full HD stereoscopic 3D effects and charm. Super Smart TV TCL main technical characteristics of the depth of customization from the Android developer, windows deep custom development, interactive innovation / experience, innovation, cloud computing identified four aspects of design, to create "to see what will hear, said he would think, to grow." super-smart Internet TV.

    TCL L46V8200-3D 3D super-smart Internet TV also has 3D UI, super-smart single-chip TV App Store, progressive 3D, cloud computing and voice, gesture and posture recognition and intelligent control of a number of innovative human-computer interaction technology and applications, also features a 120Hz frequency processing technologies.

    In the interface area, V8200 into the next side of the home interface and set the interface area, interface area from which side of the home turn on the distribution of the 3 USB interface, a 3.5mm audio interface, a digital TV card slot, 3 HDMI interface a cable TV signal interface and the interface area is left to the next set followed by the distribution of the cable interface, a set of component video, microphone, TV-antenna interface and VGA interface, sufficient to meet the consumers' daily connected to any high-definition equipment.

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