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Maintenance: pay attention to maintenance and cleaning let crystalline light lasting shine

According to understand, to consumer, it bothers them at present is not only all of the attention often price and quality, and also gradually became they maintain lamp of a broken heart. Admittedly, spend thousands of dollars, even of millions of dollars to buy is acted the role of, but also need to elaborate "care". crystal square ashtray Lamp ACTS the role of clean the problem is in upscale crystal hanging decoration consumer with lights of anxiety, for general cleaning company not professional are not willing to clean lamps and lanterns, so many have just bought when the lamps and lanterns of yi yi is unripe brightness, for not cleaning, couple of years, will be gloomy. The importance of maintenance lighting need not say oneself,crystal hanging ornament for the present, who is responsible for the main in the "crystal lotus candleholder burden"?

We understand the main consumers through the following three ways to lamp act the role ofing for maintenance: one is his own cleaning and maintenance; 2 it is please businesses to provide services;crystal candle stand Three is please cleaning company to clean. Some consumers said, desk lamp, wall lamp kind, ordinary own use dishcloth brush, wax, needn't cost too much energy, but crystal lamp, crystal handicraft is more trouble. If oneself start work cleaning, a to don't understand remove installation, two come if the cleaning company please clean,crystal plane model again afraid they accidentally damaged this expensive is acted the role of. If not to clean, hanging in that interferes with the beautiful, especially New Year, home, and other places of clean, crystal building model but the crystalline light of grey, always let a person see the in the mind not comfortable, and for a new lamps and loathe to give up.

Lighting maintenance and cleaning points:

1, to keep the crystal ball or crystal chips long glittering and translucent and bright, need to avoid lampblack to crystal lighting of damage.

2, crystal lighting cleaning can choose scrubbing them one bycrystal pen set one the crystal ball or crystal chips methods, such as think that trouble, can be in crystal lighting sprayed professional cleaners, and cleaner in the process of volatile crystal souvenirs can take away the crystal ball or the dust on the crystal chips. Note that the lamps had better not water to clean, as long as with dry dishcloth can wipe with water.

3, moisture is the key lighting maintenance, especially bathroom,crystal bottle stopper bathroom lamps and lanterns and the kitchen stove headlights, crystal pyramids want to install moistureproof chimney, to prevent moisture intrusion, avoid corrosion damage or leakage short circuit.

4, regular cleaning chimney, tube and the light bulb, lest dirt affect illume effect, or consumption of unnecessary power supply. If discover the tube to be dark water bag or ends there were black deposition, should be replaced immediately.

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