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A dab hand with plastic beads of old man "twin"

December 15, 69-year-old of three community JinJianXia woman with plastic bead prepare became "ErLongXiZhu", now, the old man, which took two years to prepare Chinese zodiac is complete.china crystal ball "Next year is the dragon, I was the last of the dragon, is into in celebration of the Chinese New Year!"

"Idle" learn

In the dirt at the big niang home, ubiquitous plastic bead manufacture fine craft: glittering and translucent and bright state of "jade cabbage", glaring and colorful paper towel box,crystal ball company lively and lovely plutus cat...... With these lifelike, crystal gifts manufacturer the brilliant stuff, jin big niang, as he sees them.

The old man said, learn bead make up completely is "hobby". In 2009, her friends at home in a bead (see vase, glittering and translucent get rid of a crystal, retired her to kill the time,diamond supplier began to self-study bead make up craft. At first, she had to use a couple of days to weave a mobile phone hang, but then a few hours can make up a small items. "These works are all these years I plait, also in the community featuring many times." The big niang say jin, she has become a celebrity because weaving community, crystal pendant china often have neighbors came to him for guidance.

New Year gift

In all the arts and crafts, the ambry of the 12 Chinese the most conspicuous, although all are made from plastic bead string up, but the color use show originality, the modelling of each year are lively, crystal gift supplier exquisite and vivid. "The 'ErLongXiZhu' is my new work," the old man with relish to introduce two dragons more than 50 cm long each, among a red silk, share the 2000 number of plastic beads.crystal perfume bottle supplier In order to make the dragon overall modelling vivid realism, the old man special online check all sorts of modelling, and draw down study repeatedly, with the whole three weeks to complete.

The big niang say jin, with plastic beads handicraft not only to begin, to think, to Chinese zodiac as a example, with the before and after two years to finish, this is the weaving of the pleasure.

Weaving celebrity

"Now, almost every afternoon to learn someone at home to braid." Two years, jin of weaving skills as early as in the big niang within a community, to come to QiuJiaoZhe educationalists.crystal craft company Sometimes too many big niang will take the people aristocrats to community activity room "lecture", every weekend or festivals or holidays, everyone also gather in community activity room woven together.

"Unexpectedly, learns of this craft have let my old age so rich and colorful life." The big niang say aristocrats of fun.

Teaching is not only free, the old man has two years giving out hundreds of a knitting ornaments, and make these toys that cost has been spent thousands of dollars. The old man said, although spent some money, but children are very support, only to her old life can rich and colorful some.

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