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« Crystalline light water into the crystalline shade changsha city south lake lighting and burst into flames A dab hand with plastic beads of old man "twin" »

Double sheep lighting store energy saving lamp romantic choose two not mistake

Summer is the season of combining the brilliant, personality, truth is the release of the season. Reporter visit zhongshan double sheep lighting store to realize, with colorful lights decorate household has become a household adornment personality of the pen that nods eyeball, bloom the personality of the feather lamp, crystal ship model cloth art light lamp, flower lamp, lamp is become butterflies household lighting first selection, the household life becomes the awaken of spring is abundant, the brilliant to the attraction.

Small remind

1. Color: white light is the big fear of romantic,crystal cooperate trophy to a lover to choose warm red, orange, yellow light droplight, floor lamp, high and low candles and so on, can build a romantic charming emotional appeal.

2. Energy conservation: lighting should be given not only beautiful, crystal customized trophy energy conservation and environmental protection is not allow to ignore problem,crystal award cup suggestion choice best can configure energy-saving lamps is acted the role of, can save a lot of money for daily use.

3. Material: material selection is the most easy to let consumers confused problem, also the most easy to let businesses shoddy, in the choose and buy must prevent. Advice from bracket,crystal business gift cloth cover a few choices, generally high quality lighting, crystal medal multi-purpose pure copper for support, USES aluminium alloy or iron of stents, durability relative not so high, the proposal in the choose and buy, can bring a magnet, if is iron, then use the absorption magnet test out; In addition if choose and buy is crystal lighting, can by comparing crystal condole ACTS the role of weight and edge, crystal model truck whether containing impurities and inspection, the general feel deep, the more light irradiation and cut inside can't see the bubble and impurities, show good quality.

Fashion: lights deck romantic household

The crystalline light of sweet romance, graceful butterfly lamp,crystal truck model feather lamp, cloth art lamp, flower lantern etc, will sweet vogue household environment decorated particularly enchanting. Reporter in visiting the city several brand huayi decoration lighting shop found that the spring comes, willfulness special personality lighting has become a household lighting in the conspicuous window.

According to double the sheep household lighting introduces, at both designers or owner, are very attention to household lighting of the design and decorate, warmth and romantic, comfortable has become the main trend in the household lighting design, all kinds of sweet romance lights, more and more consumer welcome lanterns.

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