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On general look at the floor three trends from south to north

    Last week, a high-end real estate Jian Zhuangxiu Hangzhou showroom wither, members of the first volume selling floor that will add that, as a geothermal pavement, so the stability is better to accept the wood flooring. Those mentioned in the floor of Fu Guanguang texture is very rough, scar nodules why the subject of trafficking usually say the same for members of the natural results. However, the staff engaged in the flooring industry in the eyes of the showroom floor in the shop are three on behalf of the domestic tide: value planning,crystal trophy natural environment, crystal gifts the old restoration.

    Look at the three major domestic flooring exhibition

    Tide sweeping the floor

    Just then ended with the recent home show in Milan as the flooring industry will have all kinds of exhibitions each year, this sideways force a name than a flooring exhibition in Hannover, Germany, Las Vegas,crystal laser flooring exhibition, Shanghai flooring exhibition. These three exhibitions are held each fall, new products at the show represents the newest trend of prevalence. Is the so-called veteran subtle, this time we interviewed this spring to visit the three sub-timber industry who were on-site - the product of the floor plan benefit the middle of the rich creative director Wang Guohua,crystal products he photographed the scene on the floor with a picture as that report on domestic What are the floor tide. We also interviewed the floor of the Hangzhou market and planner, to some other place on the floor and the domestic use of the environment at each tide compared to one-sided interpretation of the floor from domestic to Hangzhou, china crystal the prevalence of the surface.

    Widen the price gap

    Usual to see plans

   crystal box Former times past, for an extravagant product pricing, the material is to look at their own level of scarcity and valuable, like a fur coat, fur their very valuable, and capital is scarce, so the, this coat pricing to determine the is very low. But now, through the process material to the performance plan and not the price in a global tide, like LV, always Needless to leather, but it is still extravagant items.

    Building materials in Hangzhou, the sixth space museum, the museum floor, good good good, of course, the floor price and the material left incomplete, but the price gap between the usual opened the program pattern. Like the same oak, and some can be sold for four or five hundred per square meter or even a thousand dollars, some as long as two or three hundred, the price difference between waiting on the chance that the former is more a sense of plan, shop at home more color.

    Planner who is most adept at the mystery of corruption is. Show in Las Vegas to have a material product, is used to give the roots from the new mosaic floor made of very natural, very planned feel.

    Planner to the floor with all kinds of extraordinary material with, invented a new style. About the method of disrupting the original floor coverings, new stitching held, plans a variety of parquet flooring.

    Floor on the market in Hangzhou, art parquet flooring pattern was very much, of course, is absolutely extraordinary floor to lower the price, but can become artistic parquet floor home in the CBD, easily the result. Bell was a teacher there is something more than a decade of self-planner resume, home owners can look forward to his extraordinary, all owners will be launched in the entrance, reception room, etc. parquet floor small areas of applied arts, such as the promise not only save money, but also can make the highlights from the loom.

    Many Hangzhou planner also applied to the more artistic parquet floor premises, shop on the wall, that as with TV and sofa King, as well as they planned to shop in the division on the ceiling.

    Shanghai to build a rare show demonstrates joint red rosewood crystal glass mosaic parquet flooring, two kinds of material have been closely related to the mix in the way.

    Las Vegas to show on a wood parquet floor.

    Exhibition in Hannover, Germany to build on a diameter of 3 meters of parquet slabs, brush the green animal oil, selection of real oak, wenge wood and the world were a huge process of hand-crafted oak charcoal, spell the Medal of Honor design.

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