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Automobile perfume explosion not necessarily perfume bottles material is very important

Every summer, car perfume explosion news pledges to serve automobile perfume product safety issues thought-provoking. For safety, the consumer is far from gradually. But the car perfume manufacturers, distributors is not fair. First of all, the explosion of product for inferior products, secondly, car perfume has a variety of forms,crystal gift clock solid perfume can very well to avoid the explosion of events. The consumer can be at ease to enjoy a car space.

About car perfume, and the safety of the biggest problem is that perfume bottles. Day than high brand marketing director for skyshatter stone, said general inferior car perfume, crystal gift decoration and high levels of alcohol, so that the high temperature, crystal car model volatilizes quickly not, again plus inferior glass bottle, will also exploded before. Automobile perfume security big factor is the quality of the perfume bottle.

Day than high automobile perfume why choose crystal perfume bottles and not common glass perfume bottles? Day than high brand marketing director for skyshatter stone said, in factcrystal diamond keychain , is a scientific basis, crystal perfume bottle has a glass perfume bottles are not "paranormal", car perfume bottles perennial in the sunshine, if use common glass bottles is easy to let inside put perfume because of be heated not divide evenly and metamorphism, but you have to use a crystal perfume bottle, LED crystal keychain can maximum perfume shelf life, and, perfume bottles "belly" special small, is the standard of 2 ML--10 ML, 2 ML is the most scientific and reasonable capacity. Perfume one-time outfit too much volatile effect is bad, and put long tend to deteriorate, 2 ML can use 2 months or so, can use up before the perfume degenerative, crystal ship model reduce the waste, so car crystal perfume bottle is your first selection, also is the first choice of automobile perfume. Day than high has the experienced technical personnel and the advanced production equipment. The company has pressed, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, paste, plating, deep carved, color laser inside carving, etc, specializing in the production of crystal perfume.

At the same time, stone skyshatter said guide consumers spending is the responsibility of the enterprise right, consumers are market fake and inferior products blind eyes and so hurt, it also hurt car perfume industry's image. The 315 car perfume industry for by name, also suggested that car perfume enterprise more for industry voice.

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