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Interpretation of the White Paper recommended to buy flat-panel TV inventory


     End end of the year, the store recently to buy flat-panel TVs on fire. I know most people by asking the launch is the latest store promotions attracted to come. LED crystal keychain Buy flat-panel TV is a good thing to do but must not blindly choose. In order to allow everyone in the process of purchasing the TV does not produce an error,crystal cooperate trophy then I'll introduce buy television time in the presence of three major errors.

     1 Brand Myth: crystal ship model Many consumers blindly believe that a brand, in fact, even the same brand same model may also vary, such as LCD screen, made ??a batch using a batch of imported screen display. Should focus on the selection screen.

     (2) function errors: so-called functional as possible, it is not. The main role is to watch television, so color is the most important quality, function according to their needs, crystal customized trophy try to avoid flashy. For example, USB is very useful, but on the so-called Internet TV does not seem necessary.crystal award cup Even if access to the Internet and computers can not be compared, but, after all. Unless you seriously not bad money.

     3 service: crystal business gift no matter how good the product will inevitably go wrong, the whole warranty a few years? Main parts and labor warranty for several years. And not just believe verbal promises should be written of things.

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     Through the above understanding,crystal model truck I believe that consumers must be very clearly aware of the purchase process, there are three major errors. In order to allow consumers to buy flat-panel TVs have a better reference, then, crystal truck model the author we recommend several flat-panel TV market is very hot, that we should not miss.

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