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Development opportunities looming LED lighting to harvest it?

Opportunity to accelerate the development of competition ---- China's large foreign giant cake

    As China's largest producer of LED lights are actively layout spur low-carbon economy, has introduced a number of industrial policies to support and encourage the development of LED business growth, various industrial capital is also very optimistic about China's LED lighting market this big cake. crystal square ashtray Including Osram, GE, Lumileds, Inventronics, cree and other foreign and domestic three security lighting giant, silver rain, ground fine lighting industry "leaders" have been actively layout, LED large market in China will advance the industrial layout.

    Experts assert that the future of LED lighting in the domestic market share will be tens of thousands of yuan. China has the LED light source lighting in urban and rural,crystal hanging decoration urban and rural landscape lighting, traffic lighting and home lighting as energy-saving technology in the use of specific policies to implement, as a "second five" crystal hanging ornament plan inside.

    China will support LED lighting applications in fruits and vegetables

    LED lighting applications in fruits and vegetables, farming area is a major trend. China now support the growth of man-made LED lamps used in the field of plantcrystal lotus candleholder , the mature fruit taste and color look more beautiful. The most important energy-saving LED lighting than regular lighting.

    LED energy-saving lamps in China, the rapid development of fourth generation light source, LED lamps have many characteristics different from other electric light sources,crystal candle stand which makes energy-saving light source of choice.crystal plane model Over the past 10 years, the rapid development of China's Horticulture area, plant growth light environment control technology has attracted attention.

    Horticulture irradiation technology is mainly used in two ways: less sunshine or sunshine in a short time when the supplementary light as plant photosynthesis; as plant photoperiod, crystal building model light exposure induced morphogenesis.crystal pen set LED in these two areas have a distinct advantage.

    LED lighting is expected to become the mainstream of the future of plant lighting. In order to save energy consumption, also have to find a high luminous efficiency and long tool life two dominant lighting is particularly urgent. The current widespread use of fluorescent tubes and because a linear light source, can not provide a large area and uniform lighting.crystal souvenirs Therefore, LED lighting is more suitable for large area uniform lighting plant, he will become the new darling of the field of plant lighting.

    In the traditional agricultural production in general, the use of ordinary electric light to add light and color of white light covering of plastic film and other agricultural technical measures to regulate the facility to change the light environment of plants cultivated in the growth environment. However,crystal pyramids these measures there are different degrees of problems, such as the lack of specific spectral components of the analysis process leading to impure light quality, light intensity is inconsistent, or even close to or below the plant's light compensation point, light sources and low energy efficiency. LED can solve these problems,crystal horses especially suitable for artificial light-controlled environment for plant cultivation facilities.

    At present, the LED light source used in the field of plant growth, the main problem is high cost and the penetration of light is not strong. There are also agricultural products lighting messy, non-standard production design, the lack of uniform product standards and quality management. The largest market in the current application of plant lighting, for example, although all based on the needs of selected plants to red and blue LED light bead-based configuration, but the regulation in light quality, light intensity, the lack of scientific unity of design specifications, and lack of special lighting for the plant high temperature, high humidity environment for the water, electricity and anti-corrosion design.

    LED lighting applications in the future growth of crops occupy a good position. OFweek Lighting Network LED lighting applications edit after reading trends found in the crops, LED lighting market crops have been increasing trends, we expect that by 2012, or an important node in the field of 2012 will be a watershed in the development of plant lighting. Rising stage LED luminous efficiency, LED lighting, lighting products in the crop development also greatly out high, LED lights in order to eventually play a role in promoting the development of crops.


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