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Chinese Jewelry Show: the development of new furnishings business opportunities across the

     With the improvement of quality of life, home decorations market is gradually emerging new business opportunities. The consumer's shopping tastes no longer stay crystal craft company in the traditional mode of decoration,crystal craft factory but to use details to create their own favorite style of decoration, which undoubtedly led to the development of home accessories. Home accessories room space based on size and shape, crystal animal supplier personal interests and hobbies, to break the boundaries of traditional decoration industry, from the overall design of integrated planning decoration, the formation of new ideas.

     Follow the market trend, crystal ashtray factory in 2012 the first China (Guangzhou) jewelry exhibition came into being. The exhibition covers the creative home accessories, creative lighting, crystal, ceramics, glass, floral, candles, aromatherapy,crystal wine stopper china table decoration, home furnishings, furniture,crystal wine stopper manufacturer ornaments, decorative painting, wall decoration, rattan iron handicraft and other products. In terms of scale, or are regarded as professional jewelry industry an unprecedented event - 2 million square meters of exhibition space, 80 000 professional visitors.

     In this exhibition, china crystal gift and craft and many brands can communicate with customers face to face negotiations to further expand the company's brand influence. For participating companies, the exhibition is an information channel to promote rich,crystal table clock direct communication, and lower cost of campaigns; the dealer is concerned, is the best platform for a brand to join.

     The face of home decorations this emerging market, 2012 China (Guangzhou) jewelry exhibition will serve better and more professional exhibitors and distributors, crystal square ashtray to further improve the interaction between the industry, thus contributing to industry development.

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