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2011 League third Yan upcoming creative and cultural festival

Enjoy the full quality of life Tasting

    --2,011 League third Yan upcoming creative and cultural festival

    By the Publicity Department of Shenzhen Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Baoan District Cultural Industry Development Office, Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, china crystal ball Shenzhen Office jointly organized by the cultural industry park geese Union Hotel hosted the "2011 Festival of the third goose creative alliance" will be December 17 grand to start.

    Yan League this creative festival with "universal quality tasting and enjoying life" as the theme, around the "goods" and "Kam"crystal gifts manufacturer as the theme tune, crystal ball company the organization planning "wine culture festival" and "Life Art Fair," the two activities . The event aims to demonstrate to the public consumption of a cultural concept of innovationdiamond supplier , the cultural life of the public to inject new vitality, experience a better quality of life experience.

    Among them, the "wine culture festival": the focus of activities reflects the "product" element, taste wine, experience the special culture. Lectures will be held wine,crystal pendant china wine tasting seminars, cultural performances, art painting,crystal gift supplier creative graffiti, photographic exhibits, exhibitions and other wine-related series of cultural events, will offer the public an idea of ??the wine culture feast. Activities designed to spread wine culture,crystal perfume bottle supplier to promote awareness of the culture of wine consumption.

    "Life Art Fair": the focus of activities reflects the "Kam" element, appreciation of fine products, feel the quality of life. During the weeklong event, the goose together the major brands Union, to culture and taste for the spindle, external display thousands of different forms of a variety of materials, food and beverage products in different countries for the public to put on a U.S. round of the U.S. Huan tableware feast, not only good for people to enjoy the visual and cultural experience, while the pursuit of cultural taste confirms the concept of consumption.

    Third Goose Festival Activities League creativity:

    Events Forum One: Opening ceremony, variety show

    -2011 Yan League Third Cultural Festival and creative wine culture festival launch

    Time :2011.12.1714:00-15: 30 Location: goose Union Square style

    - The 12th Shenzhen Reading Month affords great Goose League Conference and classroom summary of Creative Arts Festival Festival

    Time :2011.12.1815:00-18: 00 Location: goose Union Square style

    Events Forum II: products ? Wine Culture Festival

    - Wine exhibition-cum-cultural knowledge and cultural knowledge of wine seminars

    - Tongue take you to travel - the world's Wine Tasting Seminar

    - "Beautiful," the encounter - Art painted wine theme geese Union

    - The secret subject of wine - wine bottle creative graffiti party

    - Impression of the wine around - Theme Photography Salon

    Time :2011.12.1714:30-18: 00 Location: Goose League style pedestrian street


    Events Forum III: Kam ? Living Art Fair

    - "Crystal" color vision bright life - exhibition of contemporary fine wine

    - Red Cradle ? Millennium porcelain rhyme - Junhong brand ceramic tableware exhibition

    -Sime (Simon) Western brand of stainless steel tableware exhibition

    - Jiekenuona import lead-free crystal glass RONA device Exhibition

    - Japanese style - Japanese tableware exhibition features

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