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« Residential Feng Shui Eight determine a person's life fortuneOn general look at the floor three trends from south to north »

Big problem of small details can not be ignored feng shui living room decoration

     In terms of feng shui home, feng shui the living room of the family relationship between the family fortune and harmony, in fact, a major event, must be aware of. Improving the living room feng shui teach you the following seven four strokes before decoration to look carefully.

     North, crystal trophy business operation, black and blue

     crystal gifts Check the position of the north living room layout. Is representative of northern business operation, a water line, like to use color is blue or black. Water placed in this position is the cause of the occupants of goods shipped there to help, crystal laser such as tanks, landscape, water tankers, etc. Or put a black metal jewelry can also be because the gold can be raw.

      Win fame, red

    crystal products Good feng shui layout south direction will bring fame and recognition for the family, especially the parents responsible for their livelihood. The south is the line of fire, like use of color is red. Suitable for hanging Phoenix,china crystal flamingo or a sunrise picture. Red carpet or red wooden decorations (as wood to fire) is also very appropriate. In this position the installation of lighting can increase the reputation of transport more. If we have to put a mirror in this position, be sure to put a small mirror, because the mirror is water, the water will be fire, crystal box negative fortune of fame.

  East, health transport, green

     East orientation relationship with the health of the occupants. Place in the lush vegetation of this region can promote family health and longevity. An object or landscape water is also helpful, because the water can be raised on wood.

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