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Cixi a villagers 10 years cost millions of collect stone

In cixi with the sea HuaMuCun town to have a common two floors of the building, upstairs and downstair filled up with size of strange stone, just like a family "natural museum". crystal hanging ornament Stone is the house master excitation long general the 10 years time, cost of more than 100 RMB from all over the country "move" come back. A common villagers are willing to spend so much money collection stone? crystal lotus candleholder With his wife's words, "he loved to stone have reached the point of crazy."

Pour into Lima home, sight is sitting room around the wide variety of stone. There are natural amethyst, jasper, the original rock crystal color, and so on, in the light of colorful luster crystal candle stand shoot down and amazing. Pour excitation, said the more than 10 years he has collected more than 50 varieties, of more than 100 shapes of the rocks.

"The sitting room is some bigger." crystal plane model As the corner shunt pour a high about 1.6 meters in diameter,crystal building model about 40 centimeters, texture like trees as brown stone said: "this is a petrified wood is a few years ago, spent 60000 yuan to buy back from Shanghai, is my collection of all rock the most expensive, not long ago, someone bid $120000 to buy it!" On the petrified wood, the author found plate put together a dinosaur egg fossil 17.crystal pen set "These but his baby, every day to see, crystal souvenirs touch." The wife of shunt pour said. Listen to shunt pour said, individual dinosaur egg fossil more, like that "a nest of", it is hard to get.

Upstairs downstairs and two like bookshelf "shop",crystal bottle stopper top neatly placed pour shunt from all over the country to collect the stone. "Like the turquoise is I on a business trip in Inner Mongolia, and the tao back from xinjiang, henan and Tibet to buy." Pour excitation, said he since childhood to the shape of the strange stone very love, but by the economic restrictions before can't buy. All these years conditions better, the home of the house also big, so he used to sell all over the flowers and trees opportunity,crystal pyramids the purchase of all kinds of stone. "In every city I went to stone market, see gratified will try to buy home, take motionless is checked." Pour shunt said.

See so many strange stone, the author couldn't help and "crystal horses bet stone" contact up, but excitation pour said he spread-betting stone but "know nothing", do not want to "bet stone". His own collection of every stone have feelings, crystal gift baby so the others is out and a high price he also won't sell. "A few years ago I see a stone in henan, very like. Each other, I offer 90000 home conditions is not good, but really do not want to give up, and finally to offer 60000, or didn't bite yaoya talk down. After come back for more than a month didn't sleep well, and my mind had been thinking about the stone." Pour shunt reluctantly.

"He this hobby is neither I nor opposed. But in the money, than to little chance, so long as home can get by, also casually him!" His wife's answer is also invisible support!

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