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« Old agate into collectors to be bestowed favor on newly modelling the high cost of the more elegant Cixi a villagers 10 years cost millions of collect stone »

Pure meaning type elegant casablanca emperor deduce to reaches life style

--the world's first get IF awards card, whole set home appliance appearance green expo emperor

Report from our correspondent on July 7, 2011, crystal craft company Asia's most influential China international consumer electronics fair (SINOCES) in Qingdao, begin. International high-end home appliance brand Casarte casablanca emperor on the world's first get IF the white crystal series awards home appliance product and cloud PAD TV products, with its unique meaning type grace for the global consumers presented a elegant extreme visual regale,crystal craft factory become the most brilliant start art exhibition products.

To reaches elegant deep taste casablanca emperor's crystal animal supplier lasting charm

Casablanca emperor white crystal series products with pure white visual representation, for the audience has brought an unprecedented art enjoyment, in many international consumer electronics giants rushed to fight the stage of yan, with a kind of jing ya and beautiful, but the attitude of the collect inside acme, appealing unceasingly.crystal ashtray factory "In all he found thousands of degrees, suddenly look back, crystal wine stopper china that person but in the lights dim." Perhaps is to casablanca emperor in the whole exhibition of portraiture.

Casablanca emperor, the chief architect Francisco global, crystal wine stopper manufacturer said white crystal series product design inspiration comes from Italy's famous "heaven town" jt, continued in the meantime casablanca emperor brand born art style. A complete set of white crystal series product experience, china crystal gift and craft as if place oneself the Mediterranean Sea, crystal table clock and in the blue of the sky is beautiful white cone corbelled roof around, forget the outside noise, in daily household life enjoy grace and free the beauty of soul. This series contains refrigerators, crystal square ashtray washing machines, oven, lampblack machine, kitchen burning gas, alexipharmic ark, water heaters, gas water heater, air conditioning were nine product, this also is so far the world's first get IF the whole crystal hanging decoration set home appliance awards.

Years of accumulated memories, is a life of archival and moved,crystal hanging ornament casablanca emperor is in such a persistent and accumulation release to reaches elegant art and life elements. Casablanca emperor white crystal series melts global design and innovation together essence, at the green expo, to show the world a kind of beautiful, leisurely life emotional appeal: a cup of coffee, a roll of good books, walking in sunshine inclined Isaac, full of meaning type style inside the bedroom, let a person feel the case for instant taste and appreciate the art of life...... Are there, reads is lasting appeal, reveal is refined.

The clouds of casablanca emperor share perception at touches

Uphold the "start art home appliance, style life" design concept, card SaDiYun Pad designed for high quality life, unwilling mediocre elite group design, through the high-end visual enjoyment, to touch the mind of consumer. She have mass, instant rich movie resources, meet the demand of customers to entertainment; She has elegant atmosphere of art appearance, have lambency eye display technology, to give the user the first-class visual enjoyment; She used advanced technology and high-end design concept art, eliminate time space distance, let relatives and friends may at any time communication; She put the TV receiving terminal into a family by entertainment center, to the traditional TV into the art and emotional, to provide users with fine wonderful life experience.

At the same time, the card SaDiYun PAD also adopted the Windows7 operating system, the clouds dynamic 3 D farce chi engine for consumers make good 3 D visual experience; Open mode card interface, support Flash, micro bo, QQ, the weather, the game of the application software, consumers can according to the need to install, personality customization; 58 inch display the multitudes, bid farewell to see a movie of the traditional and the black side into the real wide screen time. Life style is not far away, the art of living in communication, communication contains every moment, card SaDiYun PAD for consumers to create and capture filled with life breath "home of art".

Style life casablanca emperor perfect interpretation "home of art"

One of life's half of the dream is about the house, the warmth of home, home of the comfortable, home of the romantic...... In this piece of free space, the noise of the earth and fidgety quietly dun. Although each one's dream is different, but to the home of the love and hope prolongs. Casablanca emperor to "draw the inspiration of the delicate life, creates eternal artistic quality" as the design concept, for elite china-largest "home of art" and the "style life".

With the pace of life's speed up day by day, the values of the elite is undergoing profound changes, they focus on product transfer concept of life and style. Casablanca emperor adhering to the "start art home appliance, style life" brand concept, dedicated to technical innovation and industrial design of the quality and taste for support, performance and function of the perfect fusion, emphasizes the design and the design art artistry, to bring consumer senses and mind in the aesthetic experience, enjoy special industrial design at the freedom and comfortable with.

On the Chinese market since 2007, casablanca emperor has quickly into China nearly a high-end family, with its forward-looking, change the grace of type of life advocates for many elite crowd to the full of meaning type style extremely "quality" perfect life. In June 2010, casablanca emperor in Shanghai world expo hall Italy "style life white paper" starting ceremony, creative interpretation urban life style. In September 2010, casablanca emperor MaYanLi, JinYuGong, with XiaoCiRui leap month, li dongtian cross, and many other "life artist" unveiled jointly "casablanca emperor and home appliance concept art exhibition". In April this year, casablanca emperor will meaning type "elegant style" brought to the most beautiful in the world sports-figure skating, the start "the ice child audition", let the child have eyes to find beauty, the ability to create beauty. So far, casablanca emperor has set up a file in the industry held the "true touch, move, cooking style" as the theme of the series of activities, fancy cocktails series activities, through the sensory understanding, feel heart to start art life and touches the perfect symbol.

Home, it is the card SaDiHeng ancient invariable focus on the core, casablanca emperor is not only a high-end home appliance brand, more represents a way of life and attitude, she not only meet the elite people enjoy a "quality" life of potential demand, the more advanced to the future trend of elegant provide life solutions. Because the classic immortality, so never ending, casablanca emperor has always been to a confident elegant attitude to show the world: style life is not far away, casablanca emperor home appliance for you make to be observed and life style.

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