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« Visual feast UA46D6400UJ samsung LCD outstanding performance Old agate into collectors to be bestowed favor on newly modelling the high cost of the more elegant »

The black crystal clear panel samsung 40 D5000PR only 6100 yuan

Samsung 40 D5000PR LCD TV is the new product of representative listed this year, compared with the previous products, samsung samsung 40 D5000PR LCD TV to their own performance crystal gift decoration and entertainment function, the overall ascension, especially the streaming media function and family to join the local area network function is to provide users with various video file playback,crystal car model fully meets the needs of the users for daily use, crystal diamond keychain present quotation for 6100 yuan, crystal truck model have the interest friend can pay close attention to.

Samsung 40 D5000PR LCD TV black crystal super clear panel, LED crystal keychain traditional LCD panel surface irregular organic particles, external light source will reflect people's eyes to the messy, and greatly reduce the expressive and color contrast, make image gray not bright. Samsung black crystal super clear panel is cutting-edge technology, make you see black never present gray, even in dark environment crystal ship model black hair root can also QianHao finish now,crystal cooperate trophy expressive and dramatically colour, make the colors vivid.

Samsung 40 D5000PR LCD TV new new farce CRM dynamic technology, understand the LCD TV friends all know, dynamic trailing is LCD TV could not cross the problem, and in order to better improve crystal customized trophy LCD TV in dynamic pictures show the effect and the lack crystal award cup of samsung 40 D5000PR LCD TV joined the new ruling dynamic technology, through this technology to join, samsung 40 D5000PR LCD TV in dynamic pictures show the effect has been ascension.

Edit comment on: the introduction of several technology is samsung 40 D5000PR LCD TV the most outstanding, of course, in addition to the introduction of these a few outside, samsung 40 D5000PR LCD crystal business gift TV and some attention by the user of the window technology,crystal medal such as the beautiful color core image engine etc, can say the technology for the user to do everyday use provided many help.

[reference price] samsung UA40D5000PR6100 yuan

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