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« Samsung TV screen was the original false propaganda to deceive misdirect consumer The black crystal clear panel samsung 40 D5000PR only 6100 yuan »

Visual feast UA46D6400UJ samsung LCD outstanding performance

Samsung UA46D6400UJ is samsung launched a 46 inch LCD TV, no matter you are ornamental excellent 2 D images or experience the jing 3 D graphics, its full hd display technology will let crystal building model you enjoy the unprecedented visual feast. The real CMR 800 Hz movement image processing, the black crystal panel showed deep black and the back light local control technology bring light the details crystal pen set of the rich contrast, will make your personal experience to the high clear 1080 p 2 D images. Like friend might as well and merchants to contact.

Samsung UA46D6400UJ LCD TV appearance is very fashionable, crystal souvenirs thin thin edge design more outstanding this type of liquid crystal bottle stopper crystal displays aesthetic feeling. Samsung UA46D6400UJ LCD TV 46 inch 16:9 screen let users feel full video the wonderful world.

Samsung UA46D6400UJ LCD TV the use of sophisticated crystal pyramids technology of the black crystal super clear panel, make you see black will no longer present gray, even in dark environment also QianHao finish now, and greatly enhance color expression, make the colors vivid.

Samsung UA46D6400UJ LCD TV with 46 inch DaBing design,crystal horses feel the luxurious sovereign enjoy, support 1080 p hd format all, 1920 X1080 resolution. Interface with three aspects samsung UA46D6400UJ USB 2.0 interface a PC input interface a network interface.crystal gift baby Best ornamental range in 3.1-4 meters.

Edit comment on: samsung UA46D6400UJ LCD TV on exterior crystal gift clock design receives the samsung products consistent beautiful crystal gift decoration characteristics, and the performance design, this type of display is also very good, like friends might as well to contact the merchant.

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