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« Shoes enterprise aokang again hand in hand "the sincere not faze performs in Shanghai Visual feast UA46D6400UJ samsung LCD outstanding performance »

Samsung TV screen was the original false propaganda to deceive misdirect consumer

Face the domestic and foreign TV color TV, how would you choice? Perhaps homebred brand more cost-effective, also may have many people shouted at foreign brands imported screen better and likely to choose foreign color TV. But for penchant for ten thousand yuan above a lot of flaunt the original import panel foreign color TV,china crystal gift and craft how to prove that the original background, and actually let ordinary consumers don't identify and a lot of times, only believe manufacturer and salesman say. Recently a friend decorate new home,crystal table clock met such trouble, then call the author ask for help. And the author to store is surprising survey found that many foreign brand so-called original screen false propaganda serious, this among crystal square ashtray them with samsung to obvious.

People in the industry say, now most home appliance components are located near to local for the sale or purchase, "original screen" propaganda has to drive up the price of manufacturer stunt,crystal hanging decoration samsung TV has false propaganda deliberately cheat mislead consumers to suspicion.

Samsung of TV flaunt "original screen" actually crystal hanging ornament for Taiwan screen

The author in guangzhou multiple home appliance sells TV special observed, stores for each type of color TV are detailed performance marked, among them "screen features" column, all can have such as IPS hard screen, hard screen, soft, and so on screen labeling. And in multiple samsung TV gear, and the rest of the color TVcrystal lotus candleholder shows are a all ten of the "original samsung panel" also caused the attention of the author. The author has repeatedly asked salesman how to prove that samsung imported screen, is given a impatient reply: "we can't give you proof, salesman you should believe that manufacturers, bought if not be at ease, can find someone crystal candle stand to tear open machine to see......"

In fact, according to relevant the personage inside course of study introduces, samsung LCD TV panel production in TV by source standby state into the engineering model know, if engineering mode TYPE displays for A third digital is samsung panel, such as 46 A2UF7E, otherwise is Taiwan screen or other areas screen source (according to understand, crystal plane model D, L as friend that beauty of, I write for pipe, crystal building model the F is in the east, and P, H and unknown brand). The above flaunt the original import screen or original samsung black crystal screen, exactly the truth geometry?

The author in the guangzhou sea bead area a whispered to sell samsung several product on the engineering model test, amazing discovery, the original import screen that most are Taiwan screen: such as price of 11000 yuan D6400 46, engineering model for showing TYPE: 46 L1U...... 40 D5000 engineering model for showing TYPE: 46 L1U...... The author in the other stores are tests found that screen source code for basic P, such as 46 UA6000 engineering model for showing TYPE: 46 P... Informed sources told the author, samsung actually at present market price 10000 yuan the following flat TV product is mostly Taiwan screen.

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