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« Aokang to "stood on tiptoe kiss to love" play entertainment marketing Samsung TV screen was the original false propaganda to deceive misdirect consumer »

Shoes enterprise aokang again hand in hand "the sincere not faze performs in Shanghai

December 9,-recently, should be the single people need, in "god stick festival" threads of not retreat, shoes enterprise aokang hand in hand "TV joking" crystal perfume bottle supplier MengFei arrived in Shanghai zhengda square, a live version "the sincere not faze" mutually close activities. As long as you hand in hand with success, aokang will also send you crystal craft company the right girl for a pair of MengFei personal participation by the design of "Cinderella" crystal shoe as a dowry.

The live version of "the sincere not faze" crystal craft factory is the second time the MengFei aokang high-quality goods references to ground activities identity. It will be the TV version of "the sincere not faze" reduction to the scene, and the audience and host zero distance contact, let the audiences to experience the joy of blind date. In the activity at the site, and acrystal animal supplier single men and women guests according to their own requirements for two-way choice, hand in hand with the success of the female guest can gain from the aokang provide "Cinderella"crystal ashtray factory crystal shoe a pair. It is reported, this is by MengFei personally participate in crystal shoe design, fusion of the MengFei love philosophy and designers fashion tactility, to compose with one of the world's leading crystal manufacturers--swarovski crystal element, making shoes, crystal and grade, fashion, comfortable and happy crystal wine stopper china to get the perfect combination.

At present, aokang MengFei cooperation with the crystal wine stopper manufacturer launch of the "crystal shoe" series, "enjoy love series", has set up a file in the whole country each aokang stores selling.

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