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« Blue crystal won ten excellent sales agents "daily star" Shoes enterprise aokang again hand in hand "the sincere not faze performs in Shanghai »

Aokang to "stood on tiptoe kiss to love" play entertainment marketing

A few days ago, the huayi providence film and TV make, South Korea "pretty boy" jeong hoon has, popular idol yao, international supermodel PeiBei, old play ZhangChen light to deduce the bone urban fashion TV series "stood on tiptoe kiss to love" shot in Qingdao. For super star cast to join, china crystal ball the since September since boot has drawn the line of sight of entertainment media. And aokang brand of nature into also let the TV show in the entertainment and adding a marketing attraction.

This is about jeong hoon has also played WenQing nova away because feelings leave frustrated T stage, and yao plays from remote villages edge court to come into his love flowers fashion circle, crystal ball company close to the heart WenQing remote images one day, two people in occasional chance by the series of meet the tear smile modern city love story.

As one of the latter TV returns, soft advertising implant is also more and more, but curt naked implant and can't get effect, instead of viewing the influence. Aokang the in hand "crystal gifts manufacturer stood on tiptoe kiss to love", is different from the ordinary TV implants, it combines the characters characteristics, will aokang "crystal shoe" as the TV play a main plot development, through the screenwriter and director of the elaborate design, make aokang "crystal shoe" to become the leading lady edge as yao diamond supplier court flower dream important spirit's and witnesses. crystal pendant china Industry insiders evaluation said, the depth and the effect resulted from advertising implants far more than simple props, scene implants, can not only enhance the brand affinity and attention, crystal gift supplier also be a kind of the marketing innovation.

According to understand, for such a shoe embedded "entertainment marketing", he has proven them....... Since 2008, aokang have devoted to entertainment marketing, through the advertising implanted hunan satellite TV "ugly invincible Ⅱ", then implant zhejiang TV homemade drama "in love with female advocate sow", CCTV "happy dictionary, jiangsu TV" the sincere not faze "and so on the form, the comprehensive introduction to the aokang innov crystal perfume bottle supplier ative marketing ability.

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