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Residential Feng Shui Eight determine a person's life fortune

     In of the earth, across the Yangtze River and points north and south. Since ancient times, North and South in the culture, crystal trophy , business marketing ideas are ideas and even the existence of many different s.

     The layout of the residential location and the elements combined, can play the role of fortune:

     First,crystal gifts the business operation:

     Is representative of northern business operation, a water line, like to use color is blue or black. Water placed in this position is the cause of the occupants of goods shipped there to help, such as tanks, landscape, crystal laser water tankers, etc. Or put a black metal jewelry can also be because the gold can be raw.

     Second, the reputation of transport:

     Reputation of being transported on behalf of the South, is the line of fire, like use of color is red.crystal products South Phoenix is suitable for hanging, flamingo or sunrise picture. Red carpet or red wooden decorations (as wood to fire) is also very appropriate. In this position the installation of lighting can increase the reputation of transport more. Especially for the parents responsible for their livelihood is very helpful.

   Third, china crystal the healthy operation:

     Is the relationship between the health of the occupants East. Place in the lush vegetation of this region can promote family health and longevity. An object or landscape water is also helpful,crystal box because the water can be raised on wood.
    Fourth, the descendants of operation:

     Western relations with the descendants of fortune is, the five elements of gold, like use of color is white, gold and silver. Sculptures made of metal, hollow metal wind chimes six columns, television and audio is very suitable for display in this area. As the soil can be golden, so the furnishings are white crystal vases or natural descendants shipped with catalytic effect.

     Fifth, Wenchang transport:

     If a child was about to take the exam, the best attention to the northeast direction of Feng Shui. Dependent territory of the region, like the use of color is yellow and earth tones. Ceramic vases and other items are suitable to enhance the soil in this region of energy. Crystal is also very effective

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