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Stone protection new concept: the advantage of crystal glaze all analytical


Stone material is a kind of has a natural aesthetic feeling of the duplicated decorate adornment material, but because of the existence of stone material itself capillary way and aperture, crystal horses in mining, processing, transportation, installation and use process, in all kinds of pollutants, water and external force under the common function of, stone material will produce all sortscrystal gift baby of pathological changes and the wear, the serious influence of material of stone of decoration and use effect, and the traditional without the stone material of slippery processing in water that is smooth, the use of safety problems exist. A panel of marble stone vulnerable to stone material is also wear-resisting and weather resistance of the shortcomings of the poor, used for indoor ground decorates need regular crystal hard processing; Used for indoor metope in the aircrystal gift clock in the various dust, waste gas and water vapor under the action of such as easy to lose the light, polluted the common method of can not used after cleaning.

The above problems existing stone, stone material with crystal double the plating modifier launch will be solved, plating modifier is double the wafer by a variety of inorganic nanometer material and of water, in stone material surface crystal double the use of plating modifier for processing, into the heat generated by the grinding, crystal gift decoration under the action of moisture volatilizes occur between chemical composition and function and form a layer of attached to the firm crystal glaze coating layer (chemical composition and granite close), crystal car model crystal glaze coating layer has the following features:

1, excellent prevent slippery performance, crystal glazecrystal diamond keychain coating layer in granite surface friction coefficient LED crystal keychain is 0.88, 0.80 marble surface, can achieve or exceed very safe of the friction coefficient 0.8.

2, excellent antifouling properties, various kinds of liquid water and oily dirt into the inside of the stone, adhesion strong oily mark stroke (cartonmarker) available wet cloth to wipe in addition crystal ship model to show that crystal glaze the cladding, has the very good antifouling sex.

3, hate defense oily water, completely dry crystal glaze the cladding, have very good "water" effect.

4, good effect of honor, crystal glaze repair coating layer of stone material surface crack and bump, defects, and block capillary way, can significantly improve the stone material surface smoothness, greatly enhancing the stone material surface gloss, such as the gloss of the readings for the 5 dumb light golden line yellow marble, do not need to polish directly in the crystal with double modifier treatment burnish can rise to 90 ~ 100.

5, very good graces effect, after processing of natural stone material after more clear, bright color, has the features of crystal.

6, retain water channels, do not affect a stone vapor permeability, through steam and impervious to block the performance of stone material the happening of the disease.

7, increase the hard effect is good, crystal glaze coating layer of high hardness, close to 7's hardness, wear resistance.

8 and adhesion is very strong, and stone material is only form chemical combination with matrix; Better durability, don't wear in which the service life of the same and stone.

9, acid and alkali resistant ability and granite matrix similar.

10, has the very good uv protection, oxidation resistance, salt fog performance and the weathering resistance can.

11, crystal glaze coating layer curing speed, and immediately after the treatment can be put into the daily business activities.

In addition, the modifier with crystal double product itself also has the following features:

1, because of crystal glaze add cladding, good effect, so the old stone material without going through the tedious polished renovation, can be directly with crystal double the plating modifier for renovation.

2, the operation is simple, saves time and effort.

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