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The advantage of crystal glaze the solution


One of the news of the ZhouQingJie coloredcrystal lotus candleholder glaze viewpoint overview of 17

【 abstract 】 December 8,, clean the event-2011 day sweet beauty Aaron cup · clean industry salon convention will in the grand opening of city of guangzhou. Industry elite to absalom said in annual meeting expectations. ZhangYaJu said, hope more clean technology, idea will be in salon is reflected in the meeting. Recently, crystal candle stand the food safety topic is constantly, dairy new gb appearing let many enterprises in the wind milk pointed mouth waves; The different events still born toothpaste news... "The detailed 】

Clean industry transformation, and the great transformation of big node has come

【 abstract 】 "I think, clean in our society today the definition has far is not a simple sense of 'mop bucket. According to different +' environment and demand, will provide specific clean disinfection health solutions.crystal plane model Whether the ground of the advanced nursing equipment machine, or a simple and effective cleaning tools, clean industry is undergoing tremendous changes." Towish (China) general manager ShenHong said, especially as more middle class the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people want in their dinner,crystal building model working and entertainment and other places to enjoy more advanced products and high level of service. Many of our customers are no longer satisfied with basis and surface cleaning, crystal pen set but hope the local health conditions to international industry can disinfect standard. The detailed 】

The market observe 】

Air conditioning clean ZhengDangShi don't be "guerrilla" lost the eye

【 abstract 】 peng lady said, since this year, the home has not been used for air conditioning. The night before last cooled, she boot tested the effect. But when using, always smell weird smell.crystal souvenirs It just so happened her shrinking stopped a "air conditioning home maintenance" little CARDS, according to above the phone call in the past, the other call a person to come to clean the air conditioning and the parties, the price of 30 yuan.

"First sell potions, and import sterilization air crystal bottle stopper conditioning has a problem." Yesterday morning, cleaning personnel for the door, to a simple cleaning member says, he has a kind of import of air conditioning sterilization potions, use to residents after more good health, but to add 50 yuan. Peng woman says to refuse. The detailed 】

Stone protection new concept: the advantage of crystal glaze the solution

crystal pyramids

【 abstract 】 stone material is a kind of has a natural aesthetic feeling of the duplicated decorate adornment material, but because of the existence of stone material itself capillary way and aperture, in mining, processing, transportation, installation and use process, in all kinds of pollutants, water and external force under thecrystal horses common function of, stone material will produce all sorts of pathological changes and the wear, the serious influence of material of stone of decoration and use effect, and the traditional without the stone material of slippery processing in water that is smooth, the use of safety problems exist. A panel of marble stone vulnerable to stone material is also wear-resisting and weather resistance of the shortcomings of the poor, used for indoor ground decorates need regular crystal hard processing; Used for indoor metope in the air in the various dust, waste gas and water vapor under the action of such as easy to lose the light, polluted the common method of can not used after cleaning. The detailed 】

【 BaoGuangTai 】

Abbott laboratories' milk powder be exposed to eat out beetles foreign brand frequency is the quality problem

【 abstract 】 in recent years, the foreign brands appeared frequently milk powder quality problems. Last September, abbott laboratories, with products may be beetles pollution for, recalled in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean countries sales brand baby milk powder. In the first half of this year, South Korea daily dairy products that contain testing part formalin, previously, MeiZanChen, nestle first foreign brands have milk powder to expose metal pollution, iodine events such as overweight. The detailed 】

Guangzhou p&g company: whatever you tell where (map)

【 abstract 】 spend hundreds of yuan to buy a set of guangzhou p&g Co., LTD production olay much effect repair cleanser, much effect repair cream, much effect repair sunscreen and other products, use, on the face skin allergies, a full face of redness and swelling up erythema, more than a month can't go out, go to a hospital treating although erythema away, but must be uninterrupted take medicine injections, once the withdrawal will break out repeatedly, the face of the shading can't remove. Looking for business processing turned away. A few days ago, consumers PanGongYan call business newspaper consumer rights stand rights special line 6624315 says, "guangzhou p&g company not only, also don't deal with on the phone, it's too bully threatened me!!!!" The detailed 】

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