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Dexing city: the guide crystal glass processing industry


Only a year, more than the towns of dexing pouring into the greatly small 150 production workshop crystal ball products. The crystal ball to the local industry, solving the employment crystal animal supplier of increasing farmers' income and play a positive role in promoting, but will bring on the waste water, noise, dust, waste residue discharged exceed etc, on the rural environment and personal health cause major damage.

Witness: workshop noise dust Yang waste water flow

Over 10 km away from downtown dexing around the two town,crystal ashtray factory is a mountain town. Who would have thought a tiger in the town hair lane, two large hidden the crystal ball processing workshop. November 30, morning, the people give directions, reporters in a building behind the found processing workshop-more than 100 square meters of simple work peng. JiQiSheng roaring, burnish sound harsh, crystal wine stopper china more than a dozen wore masks workers are busy, the house dust dancing,crystal wine stopper manufacturer a van will call is discharging, a large number of crystal plastic raw materials are stacked in the door.

The workshop is a shallow groove side door, ivory waste water flowing into nearby where there is certainly some pits, forming a "milk pond". A worker will waste dump in the nearby china crystal gift and craft waste in the farmland, white powder waste residue pile of like the hills.

The farmers are the listeners to tell a reporter,crystal table clock near in elementary school, and a crystal ball processing workshop, floating dust every day makes passers-by around in succession. In orbit around the town at least more than 10 factories such family workshop, in their own boss usually build a shed, into tens of thousands of yuan may produce, the products are sold to zhejiang, crystal square ashtray in short supply, the benefit is very considerable. The production process is the main rough crystal ball after machine burnish into smooth clear crystal ball, used as the adornment of the lamps, the main products are crystal cup, crystal inside carving, crystal white embryos, crystal ashtray, crystal ball, crystal clock, crystalcrystal hanging decoration small animals, etc.

Then, the reporter in tap, LiZhai township shan also found more intensive crystal ball processing workshop. For wastewater treatment after the sludge precipitation out and waste residue, crystal hanging ornament some JiaGongHu optional pile up in a pool and cause sludge overflow to the road, some JiaGongHu by oneself will waste to the road side or remote location optionally, the environment.

Agent for: the crystal ball processing industry was crystal lotus candleholder transferred to the dexing

The reporter found that most of the towns of dexing city has crystal glass and the studio. How many home, reporters can't count, but in recently, dexing the municipal environmental protection bureau on the crystal ball and the studio distribution investigation, found about 150 home of the city's total 457 sets processing machine, among them leading 38 150 sets of rural home, take bridge town have six 70 sets, and LiZhai township has 32 home 69 sets, and thousands of villages and township has four 55 machines, HaiKouZhen have 30 house 30 sets, converts big township 14 home 30 sets, cortex phellodendri township has 13 home and Taiwan, two town around with 10 16 sets, a village one house in 6 sets, si continent town have two four sets.

That survey, the second half of 2010, limited electricity and hometown of crystal, the zhejiang pujiang glass processing influence the action, zhejiang crystal glass processing industry to move quickly, as a good continues, more and more crystal glass JiaGongHu XiangDeXing city each XiangZhenCun diffusion, crystal glass processing workshop on increasing.

Phenomenon: many workshop unprotected facilities

In the investigation of the crystal glass processing industry, the reporter found that many JiaGongHu in the process of grinding the crystal ball without any facilities for prevention and control of noise, according to the order working day and night to homework, general noon and night also don't stop work, sometimes work all night, residents of the neighboring caused by noise effects. Because these small mill most no pollution treatment facilities, several large scale points also just do not standard simple wastewater traps. All kinds of waste water into the ditch, direct platoon pond, stream; All kinds of waste residues, powder into the village head TianBianLu about on the fall.

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