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Blue crystal rank excellent sales agents daily star throne

"Reveal the elites, mapping the brand culture, promote the development of the industry, to promote the innovation spirit", 2011 annual "Beijing head can" cup 8 th ten large selection activities water industry at present has entered the final selection stages, the vote campaign has in hot, who can in thousands china crystal ball of companies to the fore, who will be 2011 years to water industry industry into the highest honor bag, who can "competing in the" water industry, who can be the star of the 2011 year, lcrystal ball company et us wait and see! sponsored by the water industry nets by large selection for water industry industry ten seven sessions, each term are industry association, all levels of leaders, each big enterprise,crystal gifts manufacturer many dealers and consumers of the full support, and each time the growth and progress are all determined efforts achievement, water industry industry ten large selection is gradually developed into the most authoritative, the water industry industry grand, the most solemn industry selection, water industry industry ten large selection diamond supplier and the development of the industry, the market direction,crystal pendant china consumer trends play an important role.

Water industry industry to the ten industry development summit water industry become the development of the industry perpetual motion machine, through the recognition industry excellent performance, crystal gift supplier the prominent, the potential contribution of infinite enterprise and individual to promote the continuous development of water industry industry and innovation, the response country called for,crystal perfume bottle supplier and to promote socialist economic rapid development and prepare to soar.

2011 year "Beijing head can" cup 8 th water industry ten large selection by Beijing head can science and technology limited company named, Beijing head can technology Co., LTD. crystal craft company (HYDECANME) in China have professional membrane element developers, the success in the promotion of a reverse osmosis, nanofiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane element. The company has the most advanced production equipment and strict quality management system has become China's most powerful and influential membrane element producers. In the ten large selection activities selection registration 1880 enterprises, primaries the total number of votes more than, crystal craft factory the enterprise had 14000 votes to vote breakthrough, all the previous gen. Water industry nets industry ten large selection activities are numerous authoritative agency and industry experts, manufacturer enterprise, sales agents, consumers and the support of the fans of unremitting gradually grew. web page will putcrystal animal supplier heart into water industry for the water industry development and future unremitting efforts. water industry nets will continue to check stage of first selection had every day awarded the "daily star the title of", and will in the home page and activities to promote recognition industry home page. Get today 2011 annual "Beijing head can" cup 8 th water industry ten large selection excellent sales agents "daily star" is the enterprise is Beijing's running environment protection equipment Co., LTD..

Leave can group ran Thai brand Beijing general agent and services, the company was founded in early 2008, and Beijing in the industry is home to more than 300 customers, provide the rush's supply and service support brand product.

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