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Home textile "gift of the" the industry trend breakout

Home textile, just as its name implies for family use textiles. It and dress with textiles, industrial textiles (industrial fabric, etc) constitute the three points of the world textile situation.

In the past, the home textile product just meet people bedding from the cold, sunshade dustproof, bathing ordinary life needs; Now, with the furniture, lamp act the role ofing,crystal award cup home textile arts and crafts, carpet and other products to make household "soft adornment" in the important part of. Relative to the "hard decorate", such as floor, ceiling, hutch defends disposable, unable to undo the characteristics, soft decorate more flexible, more personalized choices.crystal business gift The different elements, season, people,crystal medal and style, make the current high prosperity of home textile market.

However, in prosperity, behind rising shops and stores rent buckle point, also make home textile enterprise and distributors felt unprecedented pressure. So, each brand begancrystal model truck looking for new sales approach in succession, to ensure that the product's market share.

According to the national association of industry and commerce gift chamber of commerce in 2010, according to the report by the end of 2009, China's gift market in sales volume of 890 billion yuan, including textiles accounted for 28%. So astonishing Numbers, attracted numerous home textile enterprises have the gift in the market, crystal truck model and different degree set up his own group buying department, gift department, new channels to specialize in the department of emerging markets. Thus, the home textile gift presents the obvious strengthening trend.

The dangerous and transformation of the machine

And China's garment industry development are similar, china crystal ball home textile brand also experienced the process from scratch. But because of the relatively immature market now, many brands have not form a unique characteristics and natural brand viscosity.crystal ball company For example, if something of textile products for its trademark, consumers simply cannot tell this product belongs to which brand. In the present market situation and consumption level for, people also did not reach deliberately to buy a particular brand of home textile products of degree.

Meanwhile, home textile brand shaper of brand understanding and operation also is not in place, only on spokesman and advertising is not enough to hold up the connotation of the brand.crystal gifts manufacturer At present, in the domestic market, the birth of home textile brands outside two patterns. A pattern is foreign trade business do traditional home textile enterprise, with many years of accumulation, remain in industry status, gradually aiming at domestic market. The enterprise although has a huge production resources, but always in the industrial chain of the most low-end, natural unwilling to always do OEM, do for others to marry dress, so start under its own brand name, diamond supplier NiuDao test. But due to the lack of the successful experiences of the brand, the foreign trade enterprise to start in on the stage of the market to sway, the production of weight also let its not focus on the changing market situation, frequently of thousands of people also let the delayed enterprise step not to open pace, crystal pendant china miss entering the market opportunities, the establishment of the brand is brutally hard.

Another mode is for many years to do home textile wholesale business enterprise, because do not meet in the original extensive business model, then lifted up a transformation, or a, or agency, crystal gift supplier sweeping investment promotion, horse race circle, despise even give up the low end of the original wholesale market, high-end stores and malls a full-scale offensive. The enterprise think, product once placed wanda plaza, Paris and other high-end malls of spring counter, the brand can succeed.

However in selling products and sales brand are two concepts. Without the brand positioning, not the series product planning, no perfect management, marketing, logistics, terminal, and a series of matching and layout, wants to literally put something products with an impressive-looking trademark, put into luxury malls, think so can become a brand-a thought or practices are dead wrong. In fact, a growing number of consumer demand and ultra high operating costs will let merchants pain and happy. Relative to the low end of the market is concerned, a showcase of the brand packaging products profits have already low on top of the world, nibbling at the "poor" taste, make enterprise not well.

So, the enterprise should from which channel laid a hand on him, looking for suitable for the brand development, help to brand image building of the marketing channel is very important.


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